Friday, July 3, 2009

Proverb of the day: Sudah jatuh ditimpa eskalator.

So i was driving back to my hometown Seremban from UNiSEL after submitting my thesis and all. It was around 9 pm and I was already at Sungai Buloh. I was at in front of The Store Sungai Buloh and listening to the radio when suddenly the engine stopped. I tried to start the car again. It did not respond. The engine suddenly stopped, without any warning. I was at the traffic light when suddenly the car became standstill. There were many cars on the road.

I panicked.

Suddenly I remembered watching a TV show about a situation where the show said that do not ever stay in your car in the middle of the road if the car could not move. Now who says that watching TV is not beneficial? At least it was for me.Huhu.

I went to the side of the road, trying to call anyone who could help me. When i looked at my phone,

'No access to the network'

WTF!!!!! Digi, how could you? At times like this?!!! Where was the yellow man?You said you will follow me??!!

Suddenly the panic level picked up a notch and I freaked out. I could not contact anyone and my car could not start.

I felt like the evil stars are aligned and they intentionally want me to be in this predicament. Pffftttt...

Luckily there was this good Samaritan who lent me his phone and I managed to call my dad and Ijan. I asked for Ijan's help and his brother came and helped me with the car.

The moral of the day, watch tv shows which can really help you in the future and have friends all over the country.

And maybe learn to fix cars.

So, want to be my friend? I promise I will be a good friend ;)

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  1. masa ko call tu, aku baru pas mandi..tu pasal lmbt samapi..aku dtg2 je, aku nampak keta abang aku baru gerak..pastu dia call aku, dia ckp suh ingatkan ko pasal air-cond..ceh, suma dah gerak rupanya..haha.