Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanks for all the memories.

SMK Seri Garing? Where is that?

That was my exact reaction when I got to know that i will be doing my 3-months practicum there. So i found out from Haris, who is an ex-student of that school, about that school. He said that it is a big school with lots of students. Then when I have to report in for my first day there, i wasnt expecting THAT many students. The most at my ex school was around 1000++. When I registered, I got to know that the school is very welcoming,

that I felt right at home on the first day itself.

I experienced so many new things at the school.

I got to experience my first day being celebrated during the Teacher's Day, as a teacher.

winning few things though I was so lousy playing the games.

Not only that, I got to know so many people, those who really made it even harder to leave.

I got to know my students, who eventhough like to gossip during the class while I was teaching at the front...

still organised a farewell party for me...

And I met other teachers who become my colleagues. They guided the clueless me into a confident teacher...

and also made my days there such a breeze that time passes by without me even noticing it.

Thanks for all the presents and the memories.

I will keep it, frame it and treasure it in my heart.

Before going to the practicum, many of those who are going to the practicum whined about how we are not being paid a single sen. Well, I will tell them this, we are being paid with experience. And that my dear friend, is absolutely priceless.

I went to the school to teach. Instead, i think i learned more than whatever knowledge that i gave them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A whole new meaning.

So I was teaching The Lotus Eater to my students and the class I was teaching is the lower proficiency level. The topic for the day was characteristics. As we moved on, we got to the character Assunta. One of the characteristics is caring. So I asked my class,

"Class, what does caring means?"

Then the answers came.

" Itu kawan rapat cikgu"

"Bukanlah, orang yang kita kenal la," one of the students trying to correct his friend.

As they do not understand the word, I gave the meaning in BM.

" Maksudnya ambil berat, kelas..."

Then the now-I-know-ooooooooo came from them.

Trying to be certain of the answer, one student said,

"Saya tau cikgu, itu macam kita ambil berat pastu kita kira berat dia la kan cikgu?"

(" T_T)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wanted: Male teachers.

There's only one more week left with my practicum at school. Students have been asking what I will do next,whether I will continue teaching and so on. I just told them, Im not sure. Then a male student said to me," Sir, cant you stay here? At least a bit longer?" I told him I cant and he looked disappointed. He was the one who I had a man to man talk in the class when he was done with his work. I just told him the usual stuffs, what I did when was in school and basically I just told him stories from my experience. He likes listening to my stories, maybe. From what I saw, the male students need someone that they can relate to, someone that they can learn something which maybe their father might be too busy to tell them. Maybe they need someone who they can idolize. Maybe what we need are more male teachers.

One of my male students told me that he has a girlfriend who has a great body and all. I told him, we do not judge a woman solely by his looks but also by his personality. He answered that that is an old school thing.

The male students need to be told that they must not treat women as objects but rather appreciate them and respect them. Maybe then, there will be less cases of school girls getting pregnant.

Respect. Peace out.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Insensitive Utusan Malaysia.

I have commonly heard how people say that Utusan Malaysia loads a lot of crap. Today, somehow I read an article written by Zin Mahmud that makes me feel, that does it, no more Utusan for me.

In the article Tenggelam di lautan bahasa Inggeris he sarcastically said that those who are good in English can advance in life easily. That is I think how the top half of his article is summed up. But then as I finished reading his article, he said that students will suffer if the "English must pass" is given a green light and that many students will not get their SPM certificate. I think that point is still debatable that there are pros and cons to the implementation which needs thorough findings.

But what gets on my nerves is when I read his statements about the inability of teachers to teach English.

" Maka digubal peraturan bahawa untuk mendapatkan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), mereka diwajibkan lulus bahasa Inggeris. Sedangkan guru-guru mereka di sekolah rendah dan menengah sendiri tidaklah begitu cemerlang untuk mengajar bahasa Inggeris.

Kalau mereka cemerlang, sudah lama mereka menjadi orang berpengaruh dalam bidang lebih glamour, sebagai Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTD), korporat atau agensi kerajaan."

translation- "So a rule is implemented for students to get their SPM certificate, they must first pass English exam. Eventhough their primary and secondary teachers are not that excellent to teach English.

If they are excellent, they would have taken more glamorous jobs such as PTD, corporate and government agency"

What kind of statement is that? Does he think that people who work at the corporate and government agency are that excellent? If they are excellent in English, who does he think taught them that? Their English teachers obviously played a part in helping those with the glamorous jobs to obtain their 'excellency'. Just when the issue that their editor called Indians and Chinese as "pendatang" subsides, this Ketua Pengarang Majalah Zin Mahmud makes a statement like this.

Just because he could not work at an English daily as probably his English sucks, that does not mean that he should hold a grudge against his English teachers or any English teachers in that sense.

Friday, June 12, 2009

7 reasons we wont miss Ronaldo.

So it is 90% confirmed that Ronaldo is going to Real Madrid now. Manchester United has accepted the offer and it is now only up to Ronaldo to accept the offer and pass the medical test.

These are few of the reasons why we wont miss Ronaldo once he's gone.

1. The money can be used to buy 2 or 3 top players such as Tevez, Benzema and even Ribery.

2. When Beckham and Nistelrooy left MU to Real Madrid, many people said that MU has lost good players. That maybe right, but eventually there will be exceptional players who will come to MU and make us forget about the players who left. Remember how Ronaldo replaced Beckham? There will be a player who can replace Ronaldo, so dont worry.

3. Players who go to Real Madrid will rot there anyway, so before Ronaldo rots here in MU, better stretch the money from his sale and let him rot at Real.

4. MU will be hated less because there is less theatrical antics once Ronaldo is gone.

5. MU doesnt need a player who doesnt want to play there anymore.

6. MU is a club of great stature so the loss of one player doesnt effect that much to the club. Players come and gone at MU but it is still challenging for titles.Ooppss, it is still winning titles after titles.

7. Once Ronaldo gone to Real, he will realise that Real Madrid can only challenge Champions League up to the second round. That is when they barely get through the group stage. At that time, he will regret it that he left MU.
Those who left regret it anyway.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Betul betul betul.

I had fun watching Geng The Movie by Les Copaque. The characters are so funny that you cant help it but feeling like a small kid again.The movie was a huge hit, garnering over RM6 million from the cinemas.

So just imagine that they're going to make another movie about Upin and Ipin and how big this going to be.

It is called Upin and Ipin: Angkasa and it is about those two kids at space with their space-ly adventure. This teaser is so hillarious, especially when they are turned upside down while trying to chase the alien.LOL

This is another major step for Malaysian animation and I really hope that they're going to make it big again.

Dont worry, i dont think i will be too old to watch Upin and Ipin when the movie is out in 2011.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ronaldo no show?

Why oh why? I bought the ticket to watch you here, in Malaysia.

MANCHESTER (AFP) - Cristiano Ronaldo's involvement in Manchester United's pre-season tour of Asia next month is in doubt following reports the Portugal winger could need a hernia operation.

Ronaldo suffered a groin injury in the latter stages of his country's 2-1 win over Albania in a World Cup qualifier on Saturday.

According to English media reports, the problem could require surgery to correct. An operation would cast doubt on whether Ronaldo would be able to start pre-season training with the rest of the United squad on schedule on June 6 and, as a consequence, reduce the chances of him travelling to Asia.

United are due in Malaysia for the opening match of their four-country tour on July 18. They are also due to play in Indonesia, South Korea and China.

The source from here

Why cant you get injured when you already gone to another club?

Well, maybe I just have to make do with Park Ji Sung.

Ol' skool rocka.

I was doing my assignment while listening to songs from my collection of MP3s when Estranged by Guns n Roses came to play.

For me, Guns n Roses is the best 80s/early 90s rock band, ever.

They are the epitome of rock bands with their hard rock, long hairs and straight to the face music.

Somehow I suspect that the band Estranged got their name from this song.

So who is your favourite rock band, regardless of any era?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The call.

I got a call this morning. The house phone rang and i picked it up. A man called,

Caller: Hello, there is an accident here.

Me: What?

Caller: There is an accident here, at Batu 4. It's quite bad.

I panicked. I couldnt think clearly. I checked the car and one of my car isnt at home! I went downstairs, looked into every room,shouting and calling for my parents.

No one answered.

They are not at home.

I called my mom's phone.It wasnt picked up, she left the phone at home. I called my dad's phone.

Me: Abah,where are you? Are you ok?

Abah: Of course I'm ok. I'm at Tesco with Ibu here. Why?

Me: Owh....nothing...

Abah: And don't forget to wash the car like I asked you to.

And I just remembered before I went to search for my parents, the caller said,

"Please send an ambulance here"

Why would anyone think that my house is the hospital just seem incomprehensible to me.

And I washed the car after that.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Beach

This is a picture taken at Port Dickson early this year. I was bored that day so off i went to Port Dickson as it was only half an hour from my house.

I dont consider myself a photographer. I just like to take pictures,that's all.

And no,i dont put my camera on my neck and parade it around town without taking any pictures.

Monday, June 1, 2009


At last,im at Seremban. Home sweet home. I had to take alot of things to Seremban because its a two weeks school holiday.Not forgetting, my trusty old pc.

So i was carrying my pc to the lift when suddenly a Bangladeshi came to me. I thought, this man is so helpful,he's going to help me to carry my pc. Then he said to me,

Bangladeshi : Nabongka.

Me : (puzzled look)

Bangladeshi : Nabongka?

Me : Nabongka?

Bangladeshi : Nabongka??? (while pointing to my pc)

That is when i realized, he tried to ask me whether i want to throw away my pc or not.

Nak buang ka.

At least try to sound clearer la.As if it was not enough for me to get that insult. Does my pc look THAT old to be thrown away? I just changed my motherboard and graphic card a few months ago ok.


Maybe its time for me to ask for a new pc from my dad.LOL.