Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What is there to money and writing?

I just like to write. For me, writing is another form of expressing yourself. Maybe,this is the reason that I made this blog. I have always been shy to talk to other people so for me writing is a form which I can use to communicate. I am not a sweet talker so I was hoping that I can be a sweet writer. Is there such a thing?Oh well, I hope so.

Why do you like to write? When I write, I like to tell stories, to get people to forget other things and concentrate on my stories instead. There are already too many people writing about politics and bashing other people just to get noticed. That is why I write things other than that. Why would you want to read about politics when you can find it in the newspaper and news web portal? Why would you want to write about theories when people can find it in textbooks? Write about life instead, something that make people at ease and forget about their problems.

When I was in my first year at the university,we were given an assignment to write an article. When my work was submitted, my lecturer told my friends that I should be a writer for magazines or newspapers when she had a look at my article. I guess she was impressed but she never told me this personally. Maybe she doesnt want me to get big headed and I guess she is right on that part.

I treat writing as a hobby, but if get paid for it, it never hurts right? I already got a cheque for writing an article that was published in The Star.

Now, my earnings for Nuffnang ads have reached RM50.

To do something that you love and get paid for it, how wonderful can it be? Maybe I am just plain lucky.

So, where is that cash out button?Hmmm...


  1. Wow, mind sharing the article you wrote for the star on your blog?
    by the way, you can also earn money through writing by joining AdExcel (it's free!) at http://my.adexcel.com/shinlryuuzaki/
    Do give it a try ya!

  2. Well done, Keep on posting. And may u get the 2nd cheque asap. i'm waiting the 3rd cheque to be posted. hehe

  3. shin: the title of the article is Seize Every Opportunity. I dont know if you can still find the article on the net.hehe

  4. wan hafiz: thanks.i dont know if i will be sending any articles to the star after this. i guess its just a one shot thing.hehe

  5. That's so cool! I love writting but I just don't have the flare in it. Kinda depressing. Haha!

    Btw, congrats on that achievement (points to your nuffnang earnings). Glad to hear that you've been earning at a satisfactory rate.

    Just helped you to click on your nestle ads! =)

    Do drop by my blog and help me click mine too! Thankies!

  6. Lyng: thanks.im doing it now :)

  7. bgs2 membuat duit dengan menulis..all the best dude

  8. thanks CH :D keep on reading :)