Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tanjung Tuan Tranquility

I'm not working right now.And that's a good thing.After 4 tiring years,I should at least get some rest, shouldnt I? So off I went to Port Dickson with my parents as my dad had some course going on there and I just followed them to kill my time ( and because of bored staying at home). We stayed at PNB Ilham Resort which is quite ok la. The price rate for the room is not bad too. When I arrived there, I realized that next to the resort is the Tanjung Tuan Sanctuary where the famous Tanjung Tuan lighthouse is located. What a coincidence, I thought, as I brought my tripod along for that trip.

So the next morning I went up to the hill to get to the lighthouse.

Before you climb the hill, you have to register at the entrance should anything happen and they need to trace you.

Then, the trail. It is quite steep at the beginning but it got better when you are almost at the top. It can be quite tiring, so bring proper shoes before hiking, dont use slippers like I did.huhu

On the way up, you will see a signboard stating that the place is a migrating place for raptors. If you really like birds and want to watch the raptors, head there in March.

When you almost got to the top, dont even think that your climbing has ended. There are stairs there you would still have to climb to get to the lighthouse.

Then, the lighthouse. It's quite big and modern, unlike the one that was built five centuries ago. But visitors are not allowed to go into the lighthouse for security reasons.

Though it was tiring, the view from the top of the hill overlooking the sea is really breath taking. Looking at the endless sea is so amazing.

Staying at the resort : RM300 (though it was paid for by the government)

Toll and gas: RM50 (though it wasnt me who paid)

Drinking water: RM2 (though it was a complimentary drink at the room)

Getting to the top of the hill, drenched in my own sweat and looking at the spectacular view: Priceless.


  1. Impressive!

    and I like the way u describe it. =)