Thursday, May 28, 2009


I think i already talked about how i am fascinated with dreams. Today i just had another interesting dream but somehow it's very sad. Usually as we dream, we would be one of the character in the dream or would be the person viewing the characters in a third person view. But the dream that i had was neither of them. In that dream, i was looking at a set of pictures that tells of a story.

The first picture is a picture of a bench. A wooden bench, to be exact. I didnt know the meaning of the first picture until i had a look at the second picture.

The second picture is a picture of a sad looking woman. That woman is very sad because she was alone in her house. Everyday she would be waiting for her husband to come home, with nothing else to do. The bench is the place where she would wait for her husband's return, longing for him to be back as soon as possible. That is what she had been on doing everyday, the same routine, being alone while waiting for her husband to come home.

The third picture shows the woman chasing her husband's car because her husband had just left the home for work and left something at home. While that woman was chasing her husband's car, she was hit by another car and died there. Her husband never realised that his wife was chasing him.

Even to her death, she was alone.

I hope im not a sadistic for having this dream.

How tragic can it be?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun day,it was.

I havent been to the National Zoo for more than 15 years,i think.It was such a long time ago that i went there and really took the time to look at the animals. But today, I went there and I felt like a school kid, again.

My family and i went there as my younger sister is doing her Zoology practical there. So it was a case of killing two birds with one stone. No animal pun intended. We walked around the zoo and it was really tiring. But at least i got to see alot of animals and take their pictures. Some of the animals are...

A kangaroo-like animal,but not a kangaroo,but in the kangaroo family.i dont know its name.

This one is a macaque. I think.

A sad looking ungka.I think its name is ungka.I dont know its English name.

And a seladang.

There were many other animals there but of course la i cant possibly be posting all the pictures here.

It was such a great experience.

To be able to relive that moment when you went to the zoo for the first time.

I had fun today.

And i think my mom and dad had fun too.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A few firsts.

I just got my Manchester United ticket!

Im so happy,grinning from ear to ear. I bought it at the Nike outlet at Midvalley today. I was paying the ticket when the personnel at the counter suddenly gave me a receipt with 'training pass' written on it. When i asked for the training pass, he said come next week with the receipt.WTF??? He said the training pass for the RM98 is out of stock for that day.WTF???He said only training pass for rm58 and rm68 are available at that moment.WTF???They are the same training pass, why must you put quota for the training pass for rm98 tickets and training pass for rm58 tickets?How come they have rm98 tickets and selling them,but dont have enough training passes?So stupid la that shop.I felt like strangling him.This is my first time watching MU live in Malaysia so they better give me the training pass next week or i will run amok at the tiny shop.

So after that i went home by the notoriously late train from Midvalley. I was waiting for the Komuter when suddenly something big, shiny and loud came.

It was the shuttle train by KTM.

I was really surprised that i hesitated to get into the train.

They use the old train,and use it as a shuttle train to take passengers at selected stops. Inside of the train, it was really nice and refurbished wholly.

They even have the thing where you can put your foods and drinks.So nice...

It was my first time travelling using the new shuttle service and i can say that im really satisfied with it.

So the moral of the day is...

Something as new as the shop at the Midvalley can give you a very crappy service.

While something as old as the shuttle train can still give you a very good service.

So dont judge a noisy train by its noise.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The ticket to being a devil.

Manchester United is coming to Malaysia this July! Anyone else want to watch them live here in Malaysia?

I think i want to buy the RM98 ticket, got better view from there. Here is the seating plan.

Maybe im buying this weekend at Midvalley, can get training passes if you buy the pre-sale ticket :D Here are other outlets that are selling the pre-sale tickets.

Alternatively, you can also get the tickets from ticketpro.
Im sure this event is going to be great!

Because even my friend, an Arsenal fan, is going to watch MU too! :D

Sunday, May 17, 2009

When you are good,it shows.

From a message that i got last night:

"What's the difference between nothing, something and everything?Liverpool gave everything but got nothing while MU have something that explains everything, trophies!"

The Manchester United crowd at Hartamas last night.

Better luck next season Loserpool...oopsss...Liverpool.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day to you too.

My lecturer asked my friends and I during a class, who wants to be a teacher after finishing this degree. Only a handful said yes,and I was one of them.

Nobody really knows the reason that i wanted to be a teacher. Obviously,its not about the pay, not the popularity or power. Or else,I would have wanted to be a notorious gang leader or something.

It is about someone who i really admired when i was in school. She is my English teacher,Miss Umi Kelsom. She wears a long hijab to school that you would mistake her for an ustazah.But dont mistake that with her personality,because i can affirm you that she is loud,real loud. She wasnt the type who would let you go off the hook easily. I already had a fair share of her whacking. And it wasnt very pleasant.hehe.

Ive been her student ever since i was in form 1 till form 5.Just imagine that,how many can claim that they have the same English teacher for 5 years? I have and im thankful for that.She was not married yet when she started to teach me so we used to call her Miss Umi but even when she got married,i would still call her Miss Umi and not Puan Umi or anything.I have no idea whether it flattered her but in a way,i think it did.hehe.Its not that i want to brag or perasan or anything, but i think that im one of her best student since that she would keep on choosing the class that i was in.LOL.

I was not the best student in school with a perfect discipline record. I was even suspended from school twice that other teachers kept on having this negative perception about me. But not her, not Miss Umi. She believed in me and never bothered about my bad record with the discipline department.She trusted in me and believed that i could be someone better if given the chance.This trust that she had given me made me to think, that i can help someone else to succeed if i just trust in him, give him the opportunity and not judging him when everyone else are condemning him,just like what she did for me.

And that is the reason why i wanted to be a teacher. So, Happy Teacher's Day to you too, Miss Umi.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Let the whole world know.

When I was a small kid, around 8-9 years old, my younger sister and I used to follow my dad whenever he went to fetch my mom at the hospital after she had finished her work. My sister and I would hide at the back of the seat and would try to surprise my mom as she entered the car. We would do that so many times but my mom would still act surprised eventhough she already knew that we were at the back of the seat. Sometimes we would wait longer, and she would pretend asking my dad whether we followed him to the hospital that day. We giggled thinking that we had fooled my mom into believing that we were not in the car before we would go and try to surprise her, again.

I used to have toys when I was a small kid.A lot of them. Many of them were discarded as I grew older. But there is this one toy car that I can still remember till now. It is not something that can turn into a Transformers or anything. I remember it because I didnt even ask for it.
I was watching TV when my mom came home and called me. I went upstairs and suddenly she gave me a box. It was the size of a shoe box. I opened it and I found a toy car! I inserted the batteries and would watch it moving around with the flash on top of it blinking. Surely, the car was not something special physically, but the fact that I didnt ask for a toy and was given a toy as a surprise eventhough it wasnt my birthday, it really made me remember that particular car. Until now, I can still remember running up the stairs and smiling when I saw the box.

And I wrote about my experience here in the NST,Berita Harian and Metro, in the 1klassified section, as a dedication to my mother for the whole Malaysia to know how much I love her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A tip for Arsenal fans.

So, Arsenal lost last night's Champion's League game to Manchester United. Indeed, that made me happy while many Arsenal fans will not dare to show their face for now. Surely, Arsenal fans will hear remarks like this,

“(Insert the Arsenal fan’s name here), your team lost last night right? Beaten 3-1 right?”

So what should you do when you hear a remark like that? Simple. Here is the tip.

Turn your face away from him, push your nose upwards and pull your eyes downwards and turn to him again and say,

“No, I’m not (Insert the Arsenal fan’s name here), you got the wrong guy.”

And walk away from there.

Simple right?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This is not a fluke.

I believe that there are always a winner and a loser in every game. So if you lost a game, just accept it with grace and go on with your life. But what should you do when you are the winner? Well, you take pictures, of course.

Before the free kick.

During the free kick.

The goal.

When you win 3 out of 4 games, that shows that you have a good team while the other team who wins only 1 out of 4 games, that shows that the particular win was just a fluke.

So for all disappointed Kelantanese football fans, I only want to say this....

"Apo kono eh jang?"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ce and Se?

English is confusing sometimes. Even my advanced students sometimes have problem in identifying the correct words.

For example, what is the difference between advise and advice? How to differentiate between advise and advice? How about devise and device?

Before that, one of them is a noun and the other is a verb. So how to identify which is which?

The solution is as easy as singing Negaraku.

For words such as advice and device, they are nouns. While for words like advise and devise, they are verbs. Have you spotted the similarities?

Yes, for those ending with ce, such as advice and device, they are nouns while words ending with se, such as advise and devise, they are verbs.

Isn't that simple? Now, just keep that in mind and you wont be confused anymore. Thank you class.

*walks out of the class*