Sunday, July 19, 2009

I just went to Old Trafford.

At first, I have no idea what I should write about as I did not do anything special these couple of days...

Except that I went to watch Manchester United play here in Malaysia!Hahahahaha.

Ok, so I lied, I did not go to Old Trafford to watch MU but I only went to Bukit Jalil. Well, that sure saves alot on the expenses department.Hehe. So here are the pictures from the training day and the match day.

First stop, the great Sir Alex Ferguson.

Here are the pictures from the training day.

Poor Ben Foster here wouldnt have thought that he would let that silly goal in.

Maybe Van der Sar here can give Foster some pointers. Opss, he let in a lobbed ball into the goal.Hehe.

So here are the pictures from the match day.

Nani and Rooney after the second goal.

MU got a corner kick against Malaysia.

The goalkeeper making a save from the corner kick.

Thanking his teammate here for giving him a hand with the corner kick.Hahaha. Hand, goalkeeper? You got it? Oh, what a lame joke.

After all that adrenaline rush, then comes the end.

For me, it was quite an entertaining game. I enjoyed the atmosphere at the stadium though I already went there for numerous times watching so many teams playing at the same stadium. But when it comes to MU, it sure gives you the different vibe that you cant get watching other team playing in front of you. The Malaysia team did not surrender easily and played relentlessly though they knew they were playing against a world class team. For sure, those who came to the stadium went there to watch MU play but they were very supportive and they cheered for both MU and Malaysia. Whenever MU scored a goal, the stadium would be beaming with cheers for them but the same happened when Malaysia scored, so I guess Malaysians are still patriotic though they are wearing MU jerseys.

We are MU fans but nevertheless, we are still Malaysians, and we are proud of it.


  1. nape aku tetibe rasa jeles sebab tak pi stadium eh? cis.

  2. MU nak lawan lagi ngan mesia nie..
    xnak pg kali ke 2 ke? hang pun bleh la join skali Igniz...hehehe