Monday, April 26, 2010

I Want.

A few days before my birthday, people keep on asking what I wanted for my birthday. I never really know what I wanted, so I made a list and had a few things things in mind.

I already have a personal computer but I have always wanted a netbook. Maybe a Dell netbook as I have always preferred Dell when it comes to laptops.

I was thinking that maybe I can use it for my photo outings and can easily transfer my pictures into the netbook as a backup.

Or...maybe I would want to have a new DSLR body, the Pentax K-7.

Just imagine the possibilities of what I can do with a new body :D

Oh man....I'm such a gadget freak, aren't I ? But to prove to you that I'm not, I have another thing that I would like to have.

I would like Lisa Surihani to sing to me. Though looking at her acting skills, I dont think I should hope for much if I were to get her to sing for me.

So when I had a look at my list,trying to get the best thing as a present for my birthday, I realized that I dont need these things.

I only need my dearest to be with me.

Needs are more important than wants.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now I Won't Get Lost Anymore.

I have never been good in finding places which I am not familiar with. I once took 2 hours from Shah Alam to Ampang just because I got lost and I could not find my way =_=

I am the type who would have to be around that place for a few times before I could remember the roads. So I was so determined that I would get a GPS for my newly-acquired Nokia 5800 ( well that explains the laziness of me remembering new roads =_= ) so that I wont get lost after this. I have been using my Garmin for mobile on my phone for a few weeks now and I must say that it did a good job. Before I give out my opinions, here are the instructions on how to install Garmin on your Symbian phones. These instructions were taken from the blog of Noktahhitam. All the credit goes to the blog owner of Noktahhitam. Im just sharing here. You can visit the blog here.

Before you do anything, Download the file (80 mb ++) and read all the instructions before hand. It’ll help you to visualize the process.

Download file contains

  • GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_50040.exe
  • GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe
  • GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe
  • gmapsupp.img (Malaysian Map, with DUKE highway)
  • garmin_kgen.exe
  • 5800_manual.pdf
  • GarminMobile20_GarminMobileXTOwnersManual.pdf

You can skip step 1 if you want. But if you want to do it, just make sure that you do a full back up of your phone.

1. Setting up Apparatus, The Nokia 5800

  1. -Back up all data using PC Suite (go to Nokia website).
  2. -Soft reset by pressing *#7370#. Should take about 2-3 mins and you lose all your data (except on memory card). But don’t worry, you have back up remember?
  3. -On your Nokia 5800, go to Application > Location > Positioning > Positioning Methods. Enable “Assisted GPS” and “Integrated GPS” ONLY. This will ensure you don’t get charge using WAP or 3G network for Internet.
  4. -Go to Application > Location > GPS Data > Position > Options > Satellite status. This will show the satellite signals you’re receiving. Be sure you are outdoor in an open area. Balcony doesn’t work well, believe me I’ve tried. Once you’ve got AT LEAST 4 satellite signal, go back indoor, you don’t want people to think you’re crazy, waving your phone around.
  5. -Now you’re ready for GarminXT.

2. Installing GarminXT on Nokia 5800.

  1. -Once you’ve downloaded, unzip the files to someplace accessible preferably on your desktop. If you haven’t, please download it.
  2. -Connect your phone via USB and select ‘Mass storage mode’.
  3. -From you PC, double click “GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_50040.exe” to install and wait.
  4. -Double click “GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe” to install. Wait..
  5. -Double click “GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe” to install.
  6. -Remove USB connection between PC and phone. When prompted ‘Launch GarminXT’ do not click Yes, just Cancel.
  7. -From your phone, go to Menu > Settings > Application Manager > Installation files. There should be GarminXT.sis file. Install it.

3. Cracking GarminXT on Nokia 5800.

  1. -Tell yourself and say “Yes, I’m a cheapskate”.
  2. -Run GarminXT from your phone at Menu > Application > Garmin. It will prompt you with some settings. Choose your preferable.
  3. -Select “Use other device” when it prompts you to buy or trial. You will get a screen, “Where To?” and “View map”
  4. -In GarminXT, go to Tools > Settings > About. Jot down “Card ID”, you will need it. Exit GarminXT
  5. -On your PC, run “garmin_kgen.exe” and enter the “Card ID” from previous steps.
  6. -Generate it and you will get a string of codes. Copy the codes to Notepad and save it as “sw.unl”. *Be sure you don’t save it as sw.unl.txt”*
  7. -Connect your phone to PC and select “Mass storage mode”.
  8. -Copy “sw.unl” to Garmin folder. Usually located at E:/Garmin.
  9. -Copy “gmapsupp.img” from downloaded file to Garmin folder. “gmapsupp.img” is the Malaysian map.
  10. -Disconnect your phone from PC.

4. Restore your Nokia 5800

  1. -Reconnect your phone via PC Suite.
  2. -Restore your settings through back up.

5. Setting up GarminXT on Nokia 5800

  1. -You don’t need your PC anymore. Shut down and conserve energy.
  2. -Run GarminXT on your phone.
  3. -Go to Tools > Settings > System > Remote GPS. Change to “Use Attached GPS” by disabling the “Bluetooth GPS”.
  4. -Go to Tools > Manage My Data > Map Sets > MapSource. Make sure all maps are enabled.

6. Toying GarminXT on Nokia 5800.

  1. -Switch off your fans and lights. Go out.
  2. -Run GarminXT, (duh!).
  3. -Select “View Map” and wait for a while. The satellite will find you. It took me 5 mins or so. Just have patience and faith.
  4. -Now you’ll see where you are.
  5. -Go back and select “Where To?”. If you’re at home and wants GarminXT to store you current location as home, then select “Home”
  6. “Where To?” is rather confusing. I usually use “Where To?” > Point of interest. There’s lots of shopping malls, hospitals, banks, ATM machines etc. from there, you’d know where to go.
  7. -Pat yourself and say “Well done”. The rest is up to you.

These past few weeks that Ive been using the GPS, I can say that the Garmin GPS is better than the Ovi Map that is supplied by Nokia. Alot of features on Ovi Map need me to use my data connection, which is a no-no for a cheapskate like me.Haha.

The route recalculating on the Garmin is very fast too, it took me less than 5 seconds to recalculate another route while Im on the road. Ive tried installing the Garmin on Nokia 5800, Nokia E75 and Nokia N97. It worked just fine on the 5800 and E75 but somehow it couldnt work on N97 as there are buttons that cant be used on N97. So it is not advisable for you to try to install it on the N97.

There are many questions regarding the step 3 and how to crack it such as this :

1. when i start my garmin on 5800 ( pls refer to your point # 3 iii) where it says “Select “Use other device” when it prompts you to buy or trial. You will get a screen, “Where To?” and “View map” – there is no such option. it gives you four options:
a) purchase and go
b) begin free trial
c) enter product key
d) connect to garmin GPS

pls let me know which option to choose here…

From my experience of cracking the software, there is no such thing as 'use other device', that is why people are confused as to which option to choose. Just make sure that you choose the 'connect to garmin GPS' and proceed to instruction number 4 of step 3 which is

In GarminXT, go to Tools > Settings > About. Jot down “Card ID”, you will need it. Exit GarminXT.

Make sure that once you cracked the software, update the map at malfreemaps. From what I am told, it is updated weekly.

There you have it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am right now! :D