Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bus and taxi fares are increased and I dont think they deserve it.

I'm a frequent user of public transportation.Ok,at least I was,for around 10 years or more. I started using bus and taxis as long as I could remember. Even when I was in primary school, I was already taught how to go home by bus on my own. Up until now, it is very hard to say that the service provided by them has significantly improved.

And starting next month, there will be an increase for the bus and taxi fare.

What a joke I would say. There has already been an increment for the fares last year,it's just that they don't call it an increase, instead they call it as surcharge. Surcharge is when there is an increase for the petrol price then you can start charging surcharge. The price for petrol has dropped drastically that there is no need for any surcharge at all. They are still charging the surcharge and now, on top of that, there will be about 30% increase for the fares. That is just absurd.

I admit I like to crack jokes. But I guess, there is a bigger joker than me. Quoting from the news,

"Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz said public transport companies were also expected to improve the level of their service in line with the raise in fares."

Yes, he expects them to improve. How many times have that word been used? Even after all the increment, there are so many cases of drivers speeding, refusing to take passengers, overcharging and so many other things that makes Malaysia notorious for its public transport service. Try to give them 100% increment, they will still behave like they are used to.

Early this year, I went to Kl from Seremban, by bus. The bus from Seremban will always stop at Central Market. When I wanted to get out from the bus, there was this old Chinese man, around 50-60 years old. He was blind and was trying to get out from the bus too so I helped him. As I was helping him, he said that he wanted to get a taxi. So we walked around and asked the taxi drivers in front of CM to drive him to his destination. But all of them refused. Again, we walked around until the bus station next to the LRT and asked the taxi drivers who were sitting there but all of them gave the same answers, they refuse to drive him. Their reason was that they dont want to go through traffic jam. I felt like yelling to them," If you are afraid of traffic jam, then dont be a taxi driver!" But I didnt. What's their problem anyway? The passenger is paying if they are stucked in a traffic jam anyway. So we returned to CM and asked around again. At one point, I was so pissed off that one Malay driver refused and chased us away like we were dogs. Luckily, after that an Indian driver agreed to take the old man to his destination. I was relieved and a bit pissed off by the Malay driver. So I took his car number and tried to report him to LPKP . As I was taking his number down, his driver friend realised this and came to me.

Rude Driver (RD): Hoi, what are you doing?! Are you taking his car number?

Me: No la, I was texting my friend, the one who you refused to take.(though I have no idea who that Chinese man was. I just lied to this RD)

So I walked away and reported about the driver to LPKP. After that, less than one week, LPKP called me and asked me the details about the incident. Well, at least one of the government agency is doing their job efficiently. I have no idea what happened to the driver who I reported about. I just hope he learns his lesson. This is just one of the reason I feel that even with whatever increase made, the public transport here will always be at the same low level.

Luckily, I have my car to go around anywhere now.


  1. kalau servis setimpal dgn byrn,rsnya mmg org tak kn hesitate utk byr lebih pun..

  2. hohoho
    lagi susah la nak balik lepas nie..
    xkan dr unisel-pudu nanti pun rm10?

  3. ch: tula,mslhnye x setimpal..

    sha: tak kot,naik 30% maybe dlm 6-7 ringgit?

  4. bas slgr yg tah apa2 tue skg dah rm6.50 dr unisel-pudu..klw naik lagi mmg parah la..

  5. wawawawawawa...

    improve the level of service??? takat cat baru je baek x payah. bawak cam hampeh, siap eksiden2 bagai tu namenye improve? huh..

    eh, teremosi plak.. sorry.. lalalalala..

  6. What you can do guys is to report them on the Info taxi comments forum. I did it a couple of times and the taxi companies are taking it really serious as it is the major online community of taxi services where many customers go to find info on taxi companies in the world. I personally prefer to access Info Taxi ( check the list of taxi services for my next destination, then browse the comments section to know a bit about what other customers think about a certain services. And it works. No more stress when I take a cab nowadays.

  7. dept: thanks for the info! really appreciate it :)