Friday, March 12, 2010

Men are having it easy.

How many of us know that every 8th of March is the International Women's Day? I guess some of you will be asking, 'Really??'.

What is the purpose of special days like this usually? It is because people want to feel appreciated. It's the same with Teacher's Day where teachers want to feel appreciated and Labour Days where all workers are appreciated. So how about Men's Day? Don't men want to be appreciated too? I guess we are, but there are reasons that there is a Women's Day but not Men's Day.

It's because women are facing a tough time now while men are having it easy.

Let's face it, women nowadays are having a hard time, especially in marriage and education. More women are getting married a bit later compared to 20 to 30 years ago. This situation is also interrelated with the level of education of women nowadays. More women are concentrating on their studies and careers now that they cant simply settle down and put a break on their very fast-paced life. This leads to them getting older and unmarried. When they feel like getting married, most men are too afraid to approach them as their career and education status might be too intimidating. This forces women to 'marry someone who was less educated or with lower qualifications. Some also married men younger than them' like what is reported in this piece of news. Men have egos, alright. Not many men would want to marry someone whose salary is double the amount of what that man gets per month.

I had a look at the list of the 2010 SPM candidates who excelled in their studies. The best student is, yes, you guess it right, a girl,Gladys Tan Yee Kim. While most of the excellent students are girls, I guess there is still a shine of light at the end of the tunnel when SM Sains Seremban is announced as the best school. For those who dont know, it's an all-boys school. You see how competitive it is for the girls to compete now when most of the excellent students are girls too?

Ok, so how is it that I'm saying men are having it easy now? First of all, not many men are really interested to study anymore. That is one of the reason that men are a rare breed in the university and colleges. Some just prefer to work while some prefer to go to the 'college of needles'.

Well, there your future goes, out of the window.

So for those men who are continuing their studies, they can rest assured that the competition in getting a place to universities and getting a job is less compared to the women. Men are in a position to choose now, so for all the men out there, don't worry that there is no Men's Day for us, at least we have something that women dont have, more choices!Haha.