Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cats for adoption.

My family has always been fond of cats. If we were to choose an animal as our mascot,surely we would choose a cat. But now we have too many cats that we are giving some of them away for adoption. If you want to adopt these cats, just email me at azerak01[at} and tell me why you want to adopt the cats and what you are willing to do for them. That is easier than any slogan competition.hehe.

So here are the cats.

First of all, the kittens.

Its fur is black and white.

The second kitten has black and brown fur.

A picture after eating.

The next one is an orange kitten.

Hiding between the plants.

The last kitten is also an orange kitten, but this one has a pointy face.

You can also adopt their mother. Priority will be given to those who want to adopt all the kittens.

You must be able to come to Seremban with your own carrier if you are chosen to adopt the cat(s). I can send them to KL but you have to pay for the toll and gas money.

Happy adoption! :)


  1. hye shafiq... nice shoot...
    chomelnyer kucing2 nie...
    suke =)

  2. baru adopt minggu lepas..

    by the wayy kucing2x itu semua comelll

  3. best2.. nyomelnya.. too bad we can't keep them all.. giving away the pretty and cute ones and keeping with us the unwanteds yet totally manja and mengada.. hahah

  4. thanks for all the comments..kalau nak adopt,bagitau jela ek..hehe