Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My 100th post.

Writing, for me, is not something new. I have been writing since eons ago.Ok, so that might be an exaggeration, but you get the idea right? So why do I have this blog? I actually already some few blogs, such as my friendster blog, which I have been writing in since 2005. But suddenly I grew tired of it since not many of my friends even know how to blog at that time. So I left it untouched in 2006. Then, out of nowhere, in 2009, my friend Ijan told me that he has a blog that he had just started at that time. We were trainee teachers at that time and suddenly it struck to me that maybe I should have a new blog and started writing again. I started by writing about my experience being a trainee teacher at that time and as they say, the rest is history.

So here are some of my moments in writing this blog.

The most searched entry - About Juliana Evans in my dream. I blogged about it and alot of people who came into this blog were actually googling about her. Just imagine the traffic that I can get if this is a gossip website.Haha.

The entry that can always make me laugh, even now - It just shows how important it is to learn to spell something correctly.

The entry that was published in NST - I didn't write it with an intention to send it to the paper. Just trying it out of luck. Never thought that it would be published.

The most heartfelt entry, I guess - Apart from writing about current issues, I also wrote alot about the late Yasmin Ahmad. This might be a sad entry as this was the last entry about her.

Obe who? - It was an entry about Papadom movie review. Afdlin asked some of his fans in his facebook to post links of reviews to his wall. Obefiend posted my link on Afdlin's wall though I had no idea who he was at that time. So I guess I should be proud a popular blogger took his time to read my blog eh?

I might have slowed down in writing due to the nature of my work. But that doesn't mean I'm abandoning it altogether. I will still write and hopefully to the 1000th meaningful post.