Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simplified Life

I have just started using Twitter a couple of months ago. It was not exactly planned, just to update the Dramatic Durian website actually. But it led me to using the Twitter now, though it is just an occasional thing. Not that I am going to tweet non stop like what I see some other people are doing.

 The most obvious thing that I realize from using Twitter is that its limited words is not something that I really prefer. Hence mostly what I do is just reading other people's tweet rather than writing my own. Being someone who teaches language, writing in point forms or not elaborating my points is not something that I would want my students to do. There have been instances where my students would write their academic writing essays in point forms, which is just downright blasphemy for me. Might as well use SMS language for their essays then. Somehow I feel like due to the technology, we tend to simplify everything, that we have become too lazy to even read a book, thinking that it would take so much of our time.Technology also plays a part where it makes us having a short attention span, especially towards doing something like reading. We are so attached to technology that we can't seem to get enough of it, which I feel I am kinda guilty for that part too. My friends and I even have an agreement not to use the phone at all during the lunch sessions but to talk to each other. Like a normal person. Like what we used to do back in the good 'ol days.

 We are so caught up in all these stuffs that we might have forgotten that we should be the one controlling the technology, not the other way around.