Monday, July 20, 2009

Puppy love

I was eating out with my family just now. Suddenly, I saw a friend, an old friend. She was eating with her siblings. I never thought to see her again after all these years. We knew each other since we were in primary school. Her name is Suraya and I had a crush on her since then.

She was never my girlfriend but I paraded around the school as if she was. It's just that I was head over heels about her that I told everyone that she's my girlfriend though she never said anything about it. How stupid could I be at that time?Hehe. I was quite possesive too. I was one of the prefects at the school and not a very nice one too. I would bash people and hit them if they ever went against the rule at school. I was never afraid to use my power then. So one day, when I was in Standard 5, I heard that a boy from Standard 4 gave her a love letter. I took the letter from her and I searched for that boy. When I found him, I hit him and we fought. Maybe I thought I was the saviour though I'm not very sure what is there to protect about.Hehe. So eventually, we were sent to the headmistress' room by a teacher. Luckily, as I was a prefect and I made it look like I was doing my job, I was off the hook and that boy got his punishment. I couldnt get any corrupted than that.Hehe.

This crush went on till I was in high school. So one day, I was offered to continue my high school at a residential school. I was happy but I was afraid of not seeing her again. I accepted the offer and on the day that I was supposed to register I was so sad with the thought of leaving her. On the way to the school, I looked outside of the window car and I cried. I cried not because of leaving home but because of her. Few months after that, I got to know that she already had a boyfriend and that boy is my friend. I was so devastated because I thought she betrayed me though I knew she was never my girlfriend.

After high school, she continued her study at England in an engineering course. Just few months ago, I got to know that she was already married to his boyfriend. Which boyfriend, I dont know, but I wish her all the best in her life and that she's happy with her husband.

Maybe some love story is never meant to be pursued.

p/s : Back in the days of mIRC, the craze of that day was having these cool nicknames. Mine was cache237. The number was her birthday number, 23rd July. So I guess maybe I can wish her an early happy birthday. So, happy birthday, Su.


  1. huhuh..
    mcm sedih tp..mcm sweet memory mase kecik pun ade..

  2. menyalahgunakan kuasa sebagai seorang pengawas..tak sangka aku, pik.haha.

  3. jz: well,not many people would recognize mirc now.hehe

    sha filan:sedih+kelakar kot.hehe

    ijan: ala,bese la,kecik2 dh corrupted...hehe

  4. sy x prnh ingt dgn bdk lelaki mana sy suka zmn skolh rndh dulu sbb ada 2 org yg sy rpt..atau mgkn sy yg tak nk admit sy suka salah seorang drpd mereka dulu..ha3..owh,sy pun pernah salahgunakn kuasa sebagai pengawas masa darjah 6..budak2..:)

    nice story.

  5. omgbbq, so that was what 237 stood for! you told me they were some random numbers. :P

    *an annoying nitpick: last line in 3rd last paragraph: ... happy with HER husband. we dont support gay marriages. :P

  6. CH: thanks...sekarang kwn lagi x dgn dorang?

    Reen: ooppss?...typo error,corrected,u grammar freak u... :p

  7. cepat na ko nak bercinta.. hihih