Monday, July 27, 2009

The brothers I never had.

Ever since my 1st year at the university, my friends and I have been gone to many trips around Malaysia. It is like an annual programme for us. For this year, we went to Kemaman, Terengganu. One of our classmates, Healmie aka Burn lives there so we stayed at his house for 3 nights which really saves alot of money than staying at a hotel.Hehe.

Day One.

We went around Kemaman and ate like mad. First we went to Hutan Rekreasi Paya Bakau, watched the mangrove trees there. Then, we went to Pantai Kemasik and watched the scenery there. The place has many big rocks that you can climb and watch the sea with a spectacular view.

After that, we went to the stalls there and ate keropok lekor with coconut water while facing the beach. Also, lemang and serunding that we bought on our way there. Then, we went to Burn's fruit orchard and ate durians that just fell the night before.

Right after that, we went to a stall nearby and ate sata. Sata, for those who dont know, is made of fish paste and grilled on hot fire. If I'm not mistaken it originates from Terengganu.

Then we went to Pantai Mak Nik or as my friend said, Monica Bay. The scene is just like any other beach. But what impressed me the most was the toilet. The toilet is super clean. It is one of the cleanest toilet that I have ever been to and it doesnt cost a bomb like at KLCC. Maybe all toilets in Kemaman are as clean as that, I assume.

During the night, we went to watch fireflies at Sungai Yakyah. That was my first time watching fireflies though I studied near Kuala Selangor which has the Kg. Kuantan fireflies. The fireflies are abundant and some of them even came to me and I got to watch them on my hands. Like the advertisement on the tv, isnt it?Hehe. Then, we got a call that a turtle just landed at Pantai Mak Nik to lay its eggs. So we went there and watched the turtle laying its eggs. There were many tourists too but we were told by the ranger not to take any picture while it was laying its eggs. So no picture to show here. But it was a very unique experience indeed.

Day two.

Day two is the day that was spent entirely at Kuala Terengganu. Before we went to K.T., we went to Hai Peng kopitiam which has the best coffee in Kemaman and some say Malaysia.

For me, the coffee has something unique that you cant simply get at other high end coffee shop like Starbucks and Coffee Bean. You have to try it and you wont be able to forget the taste.

Then, we went to Taman Tamadun Islam which has the Crystal Mosque.

The place also has miniature mosques from all over the world. There are so many mosques there that we had to rent a bike and took two hours to complete the tour there.

I look like Godzilla, right?Hehe.

Then we went to meet Ikin who lives at K.T. The food at Ikin's house is delicious though she didnt cook the mihun goreng tomyam that we diligently ate.Hehe. After that we went to Masjid Terapung, one of the attraction at Kuala Terengganu.

Going for a trip with my friends is indeed an enjoyable experience. We didnt go to Paris, London or New York yet we still had our share of fun. Maybe it was because of the place, maybe it was because of going there with the guys. I was watching Nur Kasih the other day and the two brothers in the drama are playing football together. Suddenly, it strucked me. How does it feel like to have a brother? To play around with a brother and grow up with him. It is not that I dont love my sisters, I do. Maybe I just want to know how it feels like to have a brother. I thank God that I have my friends here who are like my brothers, that at least I can have a bond of brothers between us.

And I never stop thanking God for the brothers that I never had.

From left: Me, Boo, Burn, Ijan.


  1. u r one of jakun-man! never had sata as yummy like in tganu..kui2..aku nak gelak golek2

  2. wah, rupa2nya kita mengedit dan mengupdate blog pada waktu yg sama lah, pik. haha. but seriously, this trip is the best trip I've ever had. Hehe.

  3. pujah:sekali sekale jakun ape slhnye...hehe

    igniz: ala,ko saje nak sehati sejiwa dgn aku kan..xmalu pny mmg best pn trip ni..sonok gle..

  4. peh..perenggan last2 tu menyentuh ati aku ok!
    jeles tgk korg!
    aku xsmpai lagi wei umah sister aku tue= ekin..
    ko dh smpi lu..jeles2;p

  5. kemaman adalah tmpt yg sy pegi hmpr setiap mggu bila balik msia.dan pantai kemasik is my fav place.:)

    and yes,sata sangat best.

  6. wow, the pictures are awesome!

    buat la watermark kat pics tu, kang nnt ada org copy paste n wat harta sendiri lak..

    it's good u have friends that can be your brothers.. I only have sisters, no brothers.. and I also wish sometimes that I have brothers.. you're lucky.. (^^,)

  7. noha: aik,org tganu rupenye....hehe

    just_najmie: thanks..xyah la watermark,biar je org lain amek..lagipun tu saiz kecik je, 600X400 je..kalau nak print 4R blh la..hehe.

  8. pasni kite kumpul duit kite g kedah plak ok??

  9. hahah..
    singgah ganu upenye..
    dok kabo..kalu dok bleh join skaki..

  10. wahhh, klau dtg kedah, tell me ya!
    I can be your tour guide.. (^^,)

  11. hizzly: boleh je,ko support.

    sha filan: klo kabo,blanje sata ek?hehe

    just_najmie: ade org kedah rupenye...boleh2...hehe

  12. pic masjid krital tu hebat..
    ada bayang...
    chantek sgt... =)
    suke tgok...

  13. semua nmpak bestt~~~ jelesssss

  14. hahaha
    dlm byk2 mende sata jgk yg nak....
    igtkan nak mintak nasik dagang ke..haha