Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanks for all the memories.

SMK Seri Garing? Where is that?

That was my exact reaction when I got to know that i will be doing my 3-months practicum there. So i found out from Haris, who is an ex-student of that school, about that school. He said that it is a big school with lots of students. Then when I have to report in for my first day there, i wasnt expecting THAT many students. The most at my ex school was around 1000++. When I registered, I got to know that the school is very welcoming,

that I felt right at home on the first day itself.

I experienced so many new things at the school.

I got to experience my first day being celebrated during the Teacher's Day, as a teacher.

winning few things though I was so lousy playing the games.

Not only that, I got to know so many people, those who really made it even harder to leave.

I got to know my students, who eventhough like to gossip during the class while I was teaching at the front...

still organised a farewell party for me...

And I met other teachers who become my colleagues. They guided the clueless me into a confident teacher...

and also made my days there such a breeze that time passes by without me even noticing it.

Thanks for all the presents and the memories.

I will keep it, frame it and treasure it in my heart.

Before going to the practicum, many of those who are going to the practicum whined about how we are not being paid a single sen. Well, I will tell them this, we are being paid with experience. And that my dear friend, is absolutely priceless.

I went to the school to teach. Instead, i think i learned more than whatever knowledge that i gave them.


  1. SMK segar ROCKS! :D i miss it :(
    Joanna here btw. :) link me

  2. congratulations upon your completion. ur gonna make a terrific teacher. that last picture plays out like an ending of a movie or sumthing. haha i loved it.

  3. aww. segar is going to miss u too!
    so make sure u come back next year for the drama k. we plan on another win =D-Dherej

  4. such a nice memories

  5. dude, that made me cry...almost. hehe. so proud of ya, and so i keep saying. :P

  6. thanks for all the wishes...really happy now :)