Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Formal Education: It's More Than That.

I had a look at my blog, it has been 4 weeks since my last entry. Im already working now and it starts to take a toll out of me. Most of the time is spent on working and when Im at home it is spent relaxing after a hard day's work. Being at a working place really helps me to learn alot of things, especially things that are related to education as Im in the education profession.

Formal education is just a ticket to success.

Being in the education line, Ive encountered so many people eager to pursue their studies that is of interest to them. It's not that getting a degree and such is a bad thing.Its a very commendable thing to do. Well, learning never stops, right? Getting diplomas, degrees, masters or even PhD s can open many opportunities for you. But thats what they are, they give you options, opportunities for you to be successful. It doesnt guarantee you anything. The world doesnt owe you success. In order to be successful, you need more than a scroll and a formal education. You got to have the right attitude. I have seen people who didnt really score in their degree can be successful too. They might not have enough aptitude to compete with other workers but they have the right attitude, the will to learn and not giving up. I guess these are the criteria that we can never get from a classroom. It comes from within you. Dont forget social skills. You might be able to score 3.90 for your CGPA but the knowledge that you have comes to nothing if it cant be properly channeled to other people i.e. co-workers. You need social skills, moreover when your profession demands you to deal with other people day in day out as opposed to being in a lab looking at some chemicals. That is what I normally tell people when they are too concerned about their studies like there's no other thing to think about except for exams, exams and more exams. Its not that exams arent important. It is. But some people dont know how to balance things out. I was in the Dean's List for two semesters in a row during my first year degree. But I felt like I wanted more than just mere degree. So I got myself involved in alot of things after that but at the same time not forgetting my priorities in my studies. My principle was and still is, work hard but play harder, as I dont want to be that dull boy sitting at the corner counting numbers while other people are having fun during the recess time. Im still carrying the same principle even when Im teaching. I let my students to give their opinions rather than listening to me blabbering, and telling them stories that are related to the topic in the class, something from my experience. It gets them to think and not just nodding their head in agreement. Enough of producing students who can only score in exams but nil in their character. Formal education is just a ticket to success. Unless we stop producing students who churn out facts without understanding them, formal education is like a ticket to a success that isnt there.