Friday, July 24, 2009

What do you see in me?

I have a friend,lets call my friend here as K. K here has a partner, named L. K said that L always complains about K, calling names and such. They would be arguing about something day in and day out.

My opinion? K here is not an isolated case. People keep on pointing other people's mistake while arguing and though this is not something that is to be proud about, it happens.

When we are in love, we keep on praising and showering our partner with happiness but when we argue, we dig all the skeletons in the closet and throws them right on the face. Why must we point the mistake that was done and act like there were nothing right that happened between the two souls? We open our eyes to the mistakes and simply shut our senses to whatever good deeds that were done before. Learn to forgive and forget.

If you keep on pointing at other people's mistakes and ignore all the good things that were done by them, then that will be your biggest mistake yet.

Peace, no war.


  1. semalam br sy brckp dgn sorang senior pasal hal ni..tentang hal kenapa nk ingat yang tak best berlaku bila marah,itu akan burukkn keadaan sj,laenlh kalau mmg nak membenci ingtlh yg teruk2 untuk tambahkn api kemarahan.

  2. it's so true!!

    I don't like it when a friend does that to me.. I cried a few times when I argue with my close friends, when they become bitchy and all.. I love my friends, I wanna keep them forever..

    u should ask your friends to remember the good times la.. it's way more fun.. huhuhu..

  3. ahh.. such wise words.. that's why you're the best bro in the world (of crs bcos u r my only bro).. hahaha

  4. hmm ppl tend to remember the bitter things rather than the gud ones kan..
    aku setuju dgn ko capik!

  5. i totally agree with ur statement on forgive n forget.. it's hard but its really benifial to sustain relationship..
    we should count our blessings, be thankful of the good things we have and not to look too hard on the things we dont have..
    give and take is damn important..

  6. noha: mmg nak tambahkan api kemarahan ke?hehe

    just_najmie: i'll try,but i dont know if they will listen to me..hehe

    HB: well,i love you too...haha

    nabira: it can be summed up that way too ira :)

    aimooo: appreciate what we have,right? :)