Friday, July 10, 2009

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at UNiSEL

I was just a 12 year old boy when Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was detained and charged with ISA. I can still remember till now watching some breaking news about it and everybody seemed to be like in a commotion. I vividly remember it was NTV7 who covered the story first before other station networks started to cover about the detention. Some people call him as a liar while some call him as the one who can change it all.

So when he came to UNiSEL, I did not hesitate to come and watch him speak as I wanted to know what makes him so special that he could be the unifier of 3 parties who have different ideologies. The event was organised by UNiSEL SRC and Anwar Ibrahim Club (AIC) and was attended by many bigshots. Among those who came were YB Azmin Ali, YB Yusmadi, Tuan Haji Mustafa Kamil Ayub and YB Nik Nazmi. Not many universities are even allowed to have DSAI to come into the campus, let alone to talk to so many people. So I guess it was a job well done.

So these are the pictures from that night.

He was also accompanied by Datin Seri Azizah.

He knows how to attract people to listen to him, that is not some skill that can be acquired in an overnight.

I guess he is adored and admired by many people.

No matter whether by the men,

or the women.

Not only that, Datin Seri Azizah also spent some time to greet the students.

They were also accompanied by their two ever-smiling daughters.

Before DSAI came to UNiSEL, there are few quarters who opposed to this as they felt that politics should not be brought into universities. Well, I guess they are too caught up with AUKU it seems. There are already many politicians who came into universities and even schools to give talks, so why should this be any different? For me, we should open up our mind and listen to what people got to say. I have met many politicians in person, from Datuk Seri Najib who came to my school and Tun Abdullah who came to UNiSEL few years ago to meeting with YB Halimah and YB Lo'lo and now DSAI. I read News Straits Times but I also read Malaysikini. I watch TV3 but I also watch Al-Jazeera and Youtube. It all boils down to choices. Don't just stick to one medium and believe whatever it got to say. Open up to many choices and analyze on your own. I have always try to remain apolitical.

Maybe not anymore.


  1. aku tak tau nape, tapi everytime aku baca isu politik kat paper, mesti terus hilang minat...i guess politics is not in me.

  2. im into politic n dsai is one of a hero

  3. I love DSAI sooo much.. went to his talk once.. sgt inspirational.. his ideas are all well put.. love him.. too bad UiTM dosent allow such clubs.. huhu

  4. ijan: xpela ijan.ramai gak yg mcm ko.hehe

    pujah: he's a hero to many people ;)

    aimi: xpela,u can still go to his talks at other places.aritu dak uia pun ramai dtg unisel jmpe anwar.well,maybe some other time. ;)

  5. Im so agree with the idea of 'Open up to many choices and analyze on your own'.

    Love your writing Syafiq!