Thursday, February 28, 2013

Being Successful

There was a time when I used to read News Strait Times because there were many excellent writers that I aspire to be just like them, having my own column, writing my experiences and about life. Ahh, that was the time when NST was not as shitty as what they are now.

One of my favourite column writers that I really like at that time was the late Yasmin Ahmad. In one of her articles, she talked about being observant. According to her, if you want to be successful, make sure that you are observant. It was quite difficult for me to understand the concept at that time, but now it seems to clear to me that maybe it is true, you have to be observant to be successful.

If you are a parent, you have to be observant, then you will know if your kids are being bullied at school, unhappy about something or as something simple as knowing what your kids like so that you can get their presents for their birthday. Or if you are the kids, you have to be observant, so that you know the times that your parents are not busy and won't be angry at you if you want to ask for a permission for extra pocket money for that weekend movie outings.

If you are a teacher, you have to be observant so that you will know if your students are very sleepy or look bored while listening to you. By then, you know that you have to take some break or crack some jokes to make sure that the students are actually paying  some attention. If you are the student, you have to be observant so that you know how your teachers mark your mark and what is the best way for you to get the highest mark.

If you are someone who is already married, then you really have to be observant so that your partner won't be angry at you for lying on bed without taking your shower first or not closing the toilet door once your are done.

Being observant requires you to focus and observe or listen to what people are saying or doing. If you are actually being observant to what I have written just now, you might realise that I did not mention anything about money because being successful is more than just being rich and that includes making someone that you care about happy.