Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kuching escapade.

I got a call from my dad last week.

" Do you want to go to Kuching?"

The last time I was on a plane with my family was when I was still in primary school. Considering that I like to travel, I did not hesitate to say yes.

So here are the snapshots from the so-called holiday there.

We stayed at Grand Margherita Hotel which is quite nice, facing the river with a nice view.

For the food, I only got to taste the breakfast buffet. Other than that, I bought the foods outside of the hotel.

Notice the halal trademark there. Maybe they should have stated that the food is halal but the wine is not. It's rather confusing to some. Halal wine anyone? Horrendous.

In front of the hotel, you can see there's a cats statue, as a symbol of the city.

Outside of the hotel, they have set up many booths offering so many varieties of food.

I got to taste Laksa Sarawak though I prefer the normal laksa. Maybe that's because my taste.

Not only that, I got to eat grilled stingray which tastes really fresh and the price is so cheap, compared to the shops here in Semenanjung. The one you're looking here only costs RM16. If you found any cheaper than that, please tell me.hehe.

When you are in Sarawak, you must taste kolok mee, a specialty food in Sarawak. It's almost the same like fried mee or Maggi mee, but better. Trust me.

The booths setup there are in conjunction with the Sarawak Regatta 2009. I never got to experience watching it live so I consider myself lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

It was Friday so we went to a mosque in the centre of Kuching. It's quite cheerful, with the pink paint. We accidentally met with my dad's MCKK schoolmate. His friend is the Imam at the mosque and my dad recognized him by his voice as he was the one giving the sermon for that day's Friday's prayer. This Imam is someone who has a very good skill in language. He can speak standard BM, Kelantan dialect, Sarawak dialect, Arabic and fluent English. I know someone who can speak good English when I see one. The next day, he brought us to Serikin, Bau. There you can buy many stuffs that are imported from Kalimantan and the price is quite nice too. But be sure you know how to bargain. But if you have the money to go to Bandung or Jakarta to buy stuffs, I guess that's a better option. I didn't buy anything except some belinjau crackers.

Here are something for the ladies.

The baju kebaya here is quite cheap too, the price is almost the same if you buy from Pasar Baru Bandung. The price for this piece right here is around RM50-60. Maybe you can get better price by bargaining.

After all the walking under the hot scorching sun, what better to buy than a cold drink, especially one made by a good looking girl.Hehe.

Then we went to Satok market, which has the famous ikan terubuk masin.

You can also ask them to wrap the fish so that they can be put into the cargo area thus eliminating the need to bring the fish into the cabin area.

Like this.

Not only that, you should have a look at the new DUN Sarawak building which is located near the waterfront. It's so huge and I'm sure the inside interior is even better.

All in all, it was quite an experience. But being in the middle of the town, I couldnt really experience the true local culture there. Maybe if I ever go to Sarawak again, I should go to Bako National Park or the Bario Highlands there. That would be wonderful.

"Sarawak nang best gilak!"


  1. sronoknya xboleh makan laksa sarawak walau orang2 sekeliling sedang makan..xtau kenapa.

  2. wow, Sarawak.. I've always wanted to go there.. so cool..
    but u need a passport to go there, right?

  3. noha: tu tandanye xblh kawin dgn org s'wak tu kot..hehe

    just_najmie: no la...only your ic,and u can stay there up to 90 days..kalau yg passport tu klo nak blaja kat situ bertahun2 tu..

  4. sy pn xnk kawen dgn org sarawak.:p
    ala,xkisah lh ur short story tu cheesy or x,tp nk jugk try baca.please.:)

  5. thanks for writing such beautiful entry about my're just the awesomeness! i went to see the boat parade too at night. ive seen the view inside of the new is magnificent!

    There are many cheaper places to eat sarawak laksa. You came here in conjunction with the Mesyuarat Majlis Raja Raja ke 218. hence the opening of the new DUN, regatta and boat parade on the 27th of July 2009.

    Najmie's comment, i couldn't resist to laugh (sorry najmie). It has been eons ago since no passport is needed to go here..aduyaii...

  6. noha: yela...just give me ur email..nnt jgn muntah plak bace tu,cheesy have been warned...hehe

    aida: your welcome :) its already beautiful,its very hard to ignore that :) i forgot to include that Kuching is the cleanest city that I have ever been to in Malaysia. good job Kuching :D

  7. oh great! sarawak is so fascinating!! tanks for d entry..

  8. yeap haha. you'd be surprise to see our garbage truck xD ! If you're coming here again let me know. oh yeah..i took some pics of the boat parade too but not as good as your photography skill and good camera of yours. ;) yeah..checkout my blog if you have the time..have to pre-warn you its kinda borink tink tonk kinda boring...

    have a nice day...xoxo!

  9. hi syafiq,
    thnks 4 dropping by my blog.. ^^ n thks too, for writing about sarawak.. n 2 answer ur ques, yes, i am a sarawakian, a pure bornean.
    ur blog is interesting, n 4 tht i decided to be ur followers.hope u dont mind.. :)