Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sometimes, I feel like I'm a big geek.

Ever since I was a little boy, I have been exposed to so many kinds of English movies. I guess that's where I pick up the language from. Among that many movies, I can proudly acclaim that Tron is one of them.

What? You dont know what Tron is? Well, that just shows the difference between our age. Really.

I wasnt born yet when Tron was first released in 1982. I guess I watched it 10 years after its release. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie so much that I can still remember the motorcycle that they ride in the movie until now. At that time, the motorcycles with flashy thingy coming out from their back were so cool that I imagined myself getting on the motorcycles and racing against the bad guys. Somehow I think Power Rangers' motorcycle copied the design from this movie. It was an extraordinary design for sure. So for you who have never watched the Tron movie, this is the trailer.

Then, today, I got to know that there will be a sequel to that movie, titled Tron Legacy.I'm so happy!!! Hahaha. I will get to relive my childhood experience again. I guess the movie makers really cater to my generations' childhood experience and turning them into movies. Just like what they did to Dragon Ball, G.I. Joe, Transformers and so many other CGI-laden movies that originate from around that era. So this is the trailer for the new Tron.

Undeniably, this new Tron is better in terms of graphics based on the trailer but I just hope that this new movie wont lack the soul that can make people remember this movie even after 20 years from now.

Sometimes, being a geek isn't that bad after all.


  1. owh,sy pun tak pernah tengok movie ni walau kita cuma berbeza setahun sahaja.nanti cari movie ni di mana2

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