Sunday, August 23, 2009

Memories of the past.

I have just watched The Butterfly Effect. I know, I am very late considering that the movie was released in 2004. This movie is about Evan who has the ability to travel back through time by reading his journals. His travels through time and the changes that he made in the past had affected his future in so many ways. So many, that by changing one event, it affected those around him 360 degree. All in all, the story tells you not to play God and try to change something that has already happened. It can easily be one of my favourite movies of all time.

Watching this movie, made me think. I have done many things that I'm not proud of in the past. Things that dont even deserve to be mentioned. But if I have the chance to travel through time and change it all for the better, would I do it?

Never in my life time.

For me, the shitty things that you did are there to teach you something. You learn something when you made a mistake. For example, if you have never been involved in an accident and keep on driving dangerously, you might never stop your bad driving habits. The bad things that had happened are the things that shaped me into what I am today so I guess I just have to face the future and hope for the best.Ameen.


  1. love the movie... and it got 2 straight-to-dvd sequels (but diff story, sans ashton kutcher), didnt know if its worth a check.

  2. sebab tu org cakap,buat salah tu takpe, tapi yang penting belajarlah dari kesilapan.pengalaman kan yang banyak mengajar kita dan jadikan kita siapa sekarang ni.dulu mungkin kita akan kesal dengan apa yang dibuat, tapi nanti bila kita fikir balik,kita akan berterima kasih untuk semua tu

  3. adian: sequel tu mengarut je...xyah tgk pn...tapi cite ni ade different endings..kalau dapat tgk endings yang lain2 tu kan best..

    noha: betul pun pikir camtu...bukan senang nak belajar dari kesilapan ni..sesetengah org buat tak tau n ulang je kesilapan die...

  4. bkt putuss!!! hahahah
    drift lbh