Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why oh why Juliana Evans?

I woke up extra early today, as I wanted to go to Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival. After checking my emails and stuffs, I read the newspapers while lying on the sofa. Then, I got an SMS from a new friend. Her name is Juliana Evans, the actress. We exchanged texts and told each other about ourselves. She even told me that she was involved in karate when she was in primary school. I changed her name in my phone to 'Julyena Condo' so that people wont know that I'm texting her so that there will be no controversy involved.

"Do you still have the small karate uniform that I gave you?" She asked.

"Yeah. I'm holding it now." I texted her while holding the uniform.

We continued exchanging SMS when suddenly...


A motorcycle came to my house and gave me the parcel that I ordered few days ago. Then, I realized I was sleeping on the sofa and that was all a dream.

Oh well, maybe I should go to the KLPF now and maybe Juliana Evans will be there and I can meet her.


  1. nearly believe!!!!!
    xleh blah!hahahaha

  2. haha.hampeh mmg agak percaya lh.:p

  3. aku baru nak benci ko...
    tapi rupa2nya mimpi... alhamdulillah... haha bolehla kau tercalon dalam kategori cikgu paling sengal... haha

    *siot... camane ko bleh track aku...demmit... haha... nah kau.. aku dah tegur... ngahaha

  4. cess aku dah percaya bulat2x hahahaha...

  5. sha filan: ala,caye pun ape salahnye...hehe

    noha: hampeh sket2,asal tak dapat masuk dah your blog?secret la plak skarang kan...hehe

    igniz: ala,ko lagi sengal...hehe

    jajol: oh,terima kasih dunia di atas anugerah ini.hehehe.ala,bukan susah pun nak track.ingat amek IT je ke reti track ni.hehe

    skunksenn zone: takpe,teruskan percaya...hehe

  6. hehehehehehehehe!!! dats funny...
    but any how, u two look sweet together...
    mane la tau, jodoh... hehehe

  7. hhahahahahahha...nice try!
    thnx to d mt0rcycle f0r waking u up!

  8. aimi: really??thats the best comment i got so far.hahaha.perasan gile i ni.tapi takpe,ill give you rm10 for duit raya this year ok.hehehe

    d'innocent sakura: oh man,i wish the motorcycle didnt wake me up,i had such a nice dream la..hehe

  9. my god, I almost fell for it.. I seriously nearly believed it.. man...

    btw, u do look good together.. (^^,)

  10. just _najmie: well...just give me your address and ill give the rm10 for duit raya ok.hahaha

  11. just_najime: klo for real,20 sen blh?hehe

  12. hahahahaha, pakcik sangat kedekut!! :p

  13. sengal.

    after MTV World Stage, aku mimpi yantie dpt balik jumpa band fav dia. pastu mcm one of the band baling kaset (YE, kaset) kat aku, and cover itam tulis Guns N Roses Extended and band tu buat cover gak. mcm sumer band buat tribute for GNR and aku terus mcm terus kneeled down nangis2 sbb aku dpt kaset.

    aku tak kisah asal aku mimpi pasal kaset..=_=

  14. ebb: sebab along orang tua sgt,org mimpi mp3,along mimpi kaset lagi :p

  15. muka cantik,tp seksi....

  16. i . believe . it. ..y its no true?..hahah good one