Thursday, August 6, 2009

Action figures are not dolls.

I watched G.I. Joe today. It was quite ok, not the movie of the year, but it's still exciting nevertheless. It doesn't have all the characters in the cartoon series but as this is their first G.I. Joe movie, I guess there will be some improvements after this. The story gives a bit in depth into the history of the major characters which I think is quite useful for people to get to know the characters better. I was smiling at some parts of the movie as I remembered playing with their action figures when I was just a kid.

I'm kinda a sucker for action figures as I always fell for their advertisements and flashy boxes. Once, I cried at a shopping mall because my mom didnt want to buy an action figure for me. It was the Red Power Ranger complete with its motorcycle. Well, I wont say that Im persuasive, but I got to make her to buy it in the end.Hehe. I also had a G.I. Joe action figure too and remember playing it at the stairs and made it jumping up and down as if it was on a mission. I only bought tough action figures at that time as maybe I wanted to show my masculine side. Maybe now I should buy the Baroness.A hot woman wearing a leather suit with dark black hair and wearing spectacles...Oh, Baroness.....

Well,at least,for me, this movie is a whole lot better than Dragon Ball, a movie which destroyed my imagination for one of my favourite comics of all time, but not as good as Star Trek or Transformers. But watching two hot women fighting was worth the watch, anyday, anytime.


  1. was Dragon Ball that bad?.. I never watched it but I heard lots of bad reviews about the movie..

    that bad?

  2. time ko men GI JOE kat tangga tuh. ko mkn colgate tak?

  3. just_najmie:its not that bad.its worse.

    hizzly: ko ingat aku sewel mcm ko?hehe