Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The risk that you take.

I was watching The Soloist the other day. The movie is about a journalist interviewing a cello player who has become a bit crazy. The movie sure makes you to think alot. The effort that the journalist made to get his story and at the same time being the cello player's friend is indescribable. So what does this movie, Coach Carter, The Freedom Writers and Dangerous Minds have in common?

They make extra effort with their work.

From what I observed, to be someone who is remembered for who you are, to be someone who people will look up to you, to be someone great, you need to have the edge that separates you from other people. Once you are in your comfort zone and simply blend in like other people, there wont be anything special about you. Step out of the comfort zone and think outside of the box.

During my first year, I always tried to score the highest mark that I could get. But in second year, this realisation came and I felt that I need something that can give me the satisfaction rather than the marks.When I did my assignments, I always try to take the topic that other people wont take eventhough the topic doesnt have many references. I did that as I feel that I need something that is challenging. So I did what I did, though I didnt get the high marks that I used to get, but I was satisfied with myself being able to do something that other people try to avoid. That is what I told my students, that they dont need to get the highest mark to be good in something, as long as they learned something valuable from it, then that's enough.

Education is what is left after what has been learned is forgotten.


  1. ko mengingatkan aku kepada B.F Skinner, satu nama yang sudah tidak asing lagi bagi language students. hehehe. penat dowh nak bezakan yang mana Skinner, yang mana Pavlov, yang mana that and this.huhuhu. memories.

  2. yeah, I guess u're right.. (^^,)

  3. untuk org yg berani ambik risiko ok lah buat macam tu..ada sorg kawan pernah panggil saya seorang yang nekad kerana selalu ambil keputusan di luar jangkaan dan mesti fikir lain dari apa yang orang lain fikirkan..tapi bukanlah selalu..kadang2 je yang kadang2 tu berbaloi least pernahlah saya jadi the risk taker.

  4. igniz:nasib baik la kite dh lepas sume tu kan..hehe

    just_najmie: i hope so :)

    noha:seronok tau,tambah2 bile tgk hasil keje kite,its all worth it :)

    quality: thanks :)