Thursday, August 20, 2009

Up, Up and away.

Some of my friends prefer to watch movies that usually involve bad-ass fighting scene or horror movies where chopping people is the 'in' thing. These movies that won't require you to think much are easy to understand because, well, they won't need you to. In watching movies, I prefer to watch movies that get you to think of other aspect apart from the usual good versus evil part though I admit I watch that kind of movies once in a while. The underlying theme is usually what gets you to think more, even after you have gone out of the cinema. So, today I watched Up, which is in the latter category.

What is the movie about, actually? It is about an old man, Carl Fredricksen, who worked as a balloon seller going on an adventure with Russell, a boy scout. So what is so exciting about an old man and a boy on an adventure, you might ask.

The theme of the movie.

For me, the theme of the movie is letting go of the past. Carl was married with a woman ,Ellie,who he had known since they were both young. In the early part of the movie, you will see how they fall in love with each other, growing old till to the death of Ellie. Carl continued his life, being a bitter old man. I'm sure many will have teary eyes during this part of the movie. I guess Ellie made an important impact in Carl's life that he couldn't seem to let go of his past with his wife by still holding on to their memories together. He won't even move out of their house even when around it is surrounded by construction site and not even letting the construction worker to touch his mailbox that he and Ellie painted together. The point that I think Carl finally let his past go is during the scene on the airship where there was hesitation of letting go of his house in order to save Russell and the rest yet he still let it go. It was quite symbolic in a sense of letting go of your past. But I guess in the trailer, all that they want to emphasise on is the funny part of the movie rather than the humanity of Carl. Well,who am I to argue, funny stuffs sell a movie, right? Nevertheless, 8/10 for the movie.It's one of the best movie so far.

Watching how loving an old man can be makes me to remember something that I will never forget in my life. It was few years ago at Masjid Tanah where I was waiting for my bus to get to Seremban. While waiting at the bus stop, I watched an old man holding his wife to get into the bus. He was holding her hand so that she wont fall while stepping on the bus stairs. Watching that made me to wonder, how many of us will still be holding our spouse's hands as we get into the golden years? Some would just leave their wife a hundred meter at the back. Another thing that I wish to share also happened few years ago as I was in a train going to KL. A couple in their 40s were arguing in the train though they weren't shouting to each other most probably due to many people watching. Their argument got heated and at one point, the man was holding that woman's head and banging it on the window glass a few times. Nobody dared to go tell him off at that time. So it gives you the idea that you should be loving to your loved ones even towards the end of it. So choose wisely what type of relationship that you want to remember and be remembered for.


  1. i love tis movie a lot... the old guy isoooo romantic.. his love towards his wife is just soo touching... love it!!!

  2. The part " So choose wisely what type of relationship that you want to remember and be remembered for" really got me thinking... thanks! :)

  3. loved the first half of the movie, but the second half was meh. kinda lost me at talking dogs. but maybe because i watched it on crappy quality online who knows haha

  4. aimi: mane yang romantic?carl ni ke yang naik bas?hehe

    emmi: thanks..ingat2 la selalu ek..

    ruzaireen: sebab tula org tgk kat wayang..say no to piracy :p

  5. huhu...nak tengok gak la cite 2...
    huhu..alahai...romantik tol la...
    love till the end..huhu..
    hmmm...abg ne blaja kat mane???....

  6. Perhaps for you, it was letting go. From my POV, it's more on living your dream, no matter how old you are, no matter how life has been treating you. If it's not for the sake of Ellie, he would just give up and go to a retirement home and leave the dreams of having their dream home at the edge of the waterfall.

    Old people are all about memories, not measured on how much they made or how rich they become. The same with us as days go by.

  7. kami kt sini suka tgk org2 tua yg brjln dgn psgn msg2..mmg akan brpegang tgn,tgk sunset sm2,diorg lg trtdo ms first time tgk movie ni sbb pnt sgt ms 2nd time tgk,baru hayati betul2..well,yeah,i think it's about let go the past and make the dream come true..budak kecik tu sangat comel.

  8. fahmy: kat unisel,baru je abes..

    ebb: well, thats what i like in literature,you can never be wrong no matter whatever interpretation that you have.

    noha: kat nz org tuanya lagi sporting kot?hehe.

  9. dah tgok da cite up =)
    selamat berpuasa ya....