Friday, June 19, 2009

Wanted: Male teachers.

There's only one more week left with my practicum at school. Students have been asking what I will do next,whether I will continue teaching and so on. I just told them, Im not sure. Then a male student said to me," Sir, cant you stay here? At least a bit longer?" I told him I cant and he looked disappointed. He was the one who I had a man to man talk in the class when he was done with his work. I just told him the usual stuffs, what I did when was in school and basically I just told him stories from my experience. He likes listening to my stories, maybe. From what I saw, the male students need someone that they can relate to, someone that they can learn something which maybe their father might be too busy to tell them. Maybe they need someone who they can idolize. Maybe what we need are more male teachers.

One of my male students told me that he has a girlfriend who has a great body and all. I told him, we do not judge a woman solely by his looks but also by his personality. He answered that that is an old school thing.

The male students need to be told that they must not treat women as objects but rather appreciate them and respect them. Maybe then, there will be less cases of school girls getting pregnant.

Respect. Peace out.


  1. haah, kat skolah aku pun byk budak laki yg tanya kat aku samada aku leh stay kat skolah ke x..
    mcm ko ckp, they want somebody to idolize..and since dlm skolah tu aku lah cikgu yg paling muda, so maybe lagi senang diorg nak kamcing kot..kepala lebih kurg sama..XD

  2. I like this post. It's something that people don't think about or have never noticed.