Sunday, June 7, 2009

The call.

I got a call this morning. The house phone rang and i picked it up. A man called,

Caller: Hello, there is an accident here.

Me: What?

Caller: There is an accident here, at Batu 4. It's quite bad.

I panicked. I couldnt think clearly. I checked the car and one of my car isnt at home! I went downstairs, looked into every room,shouting and calling for my parents.

No one answered.

They are not at home.

I called my mom's phone.It wasnt picked up, she left the phone at home. I called my dad's phone.

Me: Abah,where are you? Are you ok?

Abah: Of course I'm ok. I'm at Tesco with Ibu here. Why?

Me: Owh....nothing...

Abah: And don't forget to wash the car like I asked you to.

And I just remembered before I went to search for my parents, the caller said,

"Please send an ambulance here"

Why would anyone think that my house is the hospital just seem incomprehensible to me.

And I washed the car after that.


  1. Phonojackers punye keje tu..abih la ko nanti masuk TV pastu kene gelak..hahahahahahaha.

  2. hahaha "meti muke kau cuak gile"

  3. well..its great ur parents are ok..and why u x call je hospital n asked them to send an ambulance there..ehhe

  4. ijan:bkn phonejackers la,aku dgr org bising2 kot kat belakang tu...

    boo:ko nak tlg basuhkan ke?

    sarah:maunye x cuak,macam kucing hilang anak dah aku...

    anisizaty:batu 4 pun xtau katne,camne nak suruh hospital antar ambulans tu...hehe

  5. cuak beb
    haih. ade jgk org buat lawak cmtuh