Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Betul betul betul.

I had fun watching Geng The Movie by Les Copaque. The characters are so funny that you cant help it but feeling like a small kid again.The movie was a huge hit, garnering over RM6 million from the cinemas.

So just imagine that they're going to make another movie about Upin and Ipin and how big this going to be.

It is called Upin and Ipin: Angkasa and it is about those two kids at space with their space-ly adventure. This teaser is so hillarious, especially when they are turned upside down while trying to chase the alien.LOL

This is another major step for Malaysian animation and I really hope that they're going to make it big again.

Dont worry, i dont think i will be too old to watch Upin and Ipin when the movie is out in 2011.