Friday, June 12, 2009

7 reasons we wont miss Ronaldo.

So it is 90% confirmed that Ronaldo is going to Real Madrid now. Manchester United has accepted the offer and it is now only up to Ronaldo to accept the offer and pass the medical test.

These are few of the reasons why we wont miss Ronaldo once he's gone.

1. The money can be used to buy 2 or 3 top players such as Tevez, Benzema and even Ribery.

2. When Beckham and Nistelrooy left MU to Real Madrid, many people said that MU has lost good players. That maybe right, but eventually there will be exceptional players who will come to MU and make us forget about the players who left. Remember how Ronaldo replaced Beckham? There will be a player who can replace Ronaldo, so dont worry.

3. Players who go to Real Madrid will rot there anyway, so before Ronaldo rots here in MU, better stretch the money from his sale and let him rot at Real.

4. MU will be hated less because there is less theatrical antics once Ronaldo is gone.

5. MU doesnt need a player who doesnt want to play there anymore.

6. MU is a club of great stature so the loss of one player doesnt effect that much to the club. Players come and gone at MU but it is still challenging for titles.Ooppss, it is still winning titles after titles.

7. Once Ronaldo gone to Real, he will realise that Real Madrid can only challenge Champions League up to the second round. That is when they barely get through the group stage. At that time, he will regret it that he left MU.
Those who left regret it anyway.


  1. i hope the deal wil be done and dusted. as a man u's no 7 fan, i just hate this no 7 (or ex man u no 7). he doesnt deserve the shirt. au revoir, ronaldo