Sunday, June 14, 2009

Insensitive Utusan Malaysia.

I have commonly heard how people say that Utusan Malaysia loads a lot of crap. Today, somehow I read an article written by Zin Mahmud that makes me feel, that does it, no more Utusan for me.

In the article Tenggelam di lautan bahasa Inggeris he sarcastically said that those who are good in English can advance in life easily. That is I think how the top half of his article is summed up. But then as I finished reading his article, he said that students will suffer if the "English must pass" is given a green light and that many students will not get their SPM certificate. I think that point is still debatable that there are pros and cons to the implementation which needs thorough findings.

But what gets on my nerves is when I read his statements about the inability of teachers to teach English.

" Maka digubal peraturan bahawa untuk mendapatkan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), mereka diwajibkan lulus bahasa Inggeris. Sedangkan guru-guru mereka di sekolah rendah dan menengah sendiri tidaklah begitu cemerlang untuk mengajar bahasa Inggeris.

Kalau mereka cemerlang, sudah lama mereka menjadi orang berpengaruh dalam bidang lebih glamour, sebagai Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTD), korporat atau agensi kerajaan."

translation- "So a rule is implemented for students to get their SPM certificate, they must first pass English exam. Eventhough their primary and secondary teachers are not that excellent to teach English.

If they are excellent, they would have taken more glamorous jobs such as PTD, corporate and government agency"

What kind of statement is that? Does he think that people who work at the corporate and government agency are that excellent? If they are excellent in English, who does he think taught them that? Their English teachers obviously played a part in helping those with the glamorous jobs to obtain their 'excellency'. Just when the issue that their editor called Indians and Chinese as "pendatang" subsides, this Ketua Pengarang Majalah Zin Mahmud makes a statement like this.

Just because he could not work at an English daily as probably his English sucks, that does not mean that he should hold a grudge against his English teachers or any English teachers in that sense.


  1. Malaysians should ban Utusan. Utusan tidak lagi menjadi akhbar yg boleh dipercayai..

  2. That's a biased statement. Based on his own personal feelings. Not based on facts. What a shame. Engineers, PTD, doctors or whatever 'more glamourous jobs' he claimed to be, all started from an English lesson from an English teacher. Stupid Utusan.

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  4. thats why he work at utusan.. only narrow minded people read utusan.

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  6. stupidity.
    orang berpengaruh x sume xcllent.
    myb xclent bribery kotttt.