Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A whole new meaning.

So I was teaching The Lotus Eater to my students and the class I was teaching is the lower proficiency level. The topic for the day was characteristics. As we moved on, we got to the character Assunta. One of the characteristics is caring. So I asked my class,

"Class, what does caring means?"

Then the answers came.

" Itu kawan rapat cikgu"

"Bukanlah, orang yang kita kenal la," one of the students trying to correct his friend.

As they do not understand the word, I gave the meaning in BM.

" Maksudnya ambil berat, kelas..."

Then the now-I-know-ooooooooo came from them.

Trying to be certain of the answer, one student said,

"Saya tau cikgu, itu macam kita ambil berat pastu kita kira berat dia la kan cikgu?"

(" T_T)


  1. aku ajar themes = main ideas..
    diorg tulis, themes = mean ideas...T_T

  2. hahahah :D teacher teacher....

    p/s syafik nnti add kt ym baru aku. pasal yg susukambing dah x bole log in. ni yg baru (sarahasharah)