Monday, June 1, 2009


At last,im at Seremban. Home sweet home. I had to take alot of things to Seremban because its a two weeks school holiday.Not forgetting, my trusty old pc.

So i was carrying my pc to the lift when suddenly a Bangladeshi came to me. I thought, this man is so helpful,he's going to help me to carry my pc. Then he said to me,

Bangladeshi : Nabongka.

Me : (puzzled look)

Bangladeshi : Nabongka?

Me : Nabongka?

Bangladeshi : Nabongka??? (while pointing to my pc)

That is when i realized, he tried to ask me whether i want to throw away my pc or not.

Nak buang ka.

At least try to sound clearer la.As if it was not enough for me to get that insult. Does my pc look THAT old to be thrown away? I just changed my motherboard and graphic card a few months ago ok.


Maybe its time for me to ask for a new pc from my dad.LOL.


  1. ur previous entry gila sedih but suddenly this entry makes me laugh.
    i don't know since when i started to follow your blog anonymously.
    but seriously i love ur blog la!
    keep bloging okeyy~

  2. bongjelaa...(buang je laa)XD

  3. diana : tula namenye emotional rollercoaster..haha.keep on reading ok...thanks.. ;)

    ijan: gile ko...meh sini pc ko bagi aku,baru aku bong pc aku...haha

  4. kalo ko nk buang pc ko graphic card n mother board ko tu kasi sini dulu... yg lain ko kasi buang...

  5. hahah :D pc lame lagi best dari baru kot.
    sumpah, blog kali ni agak lawak.
    hahah :D

  6. sheikh: xla,aku xnak buang..syg lagi bini lame aku ni...heheh

    sarah: ko patut tgk muke bangla tu,buat muke xbersalah je bile cakap dengan aku camtu,geram tul aku...huhuhu

  7. nabongka ur pc xpe.. nabongka LCD ku yg dipinjam itteww tabole k? jgn sedih.. PC angah lagi lama.. 8 tahun dah kot.. tapi nampak mcm baru lagi la sbb kaler hitam.. hehehe

  8. anyway, letak muka tabolebla as profile.. nak tunjukensem la tu.. cehhh.. :P

  9. angah: maybe sebab apiq x pasang cover kat pc tu kot,tu yg nampak lame...hehe.mane ade nak tunjuk ensem la.we must show our true self.tapi klo org cakap true self hensem,xkan nak sangkal plak kan..hehe

  10. HAHAHA!! jgn bong okay? =))

  11. hanya aku yang tau keadaan pc ko.