Saturday, October 24, 2009

The questions that you can't avoid.

My friend, Aisyah, got married today. I'm still trying to adapt but it's kinda weird that many of my friends are getting married, the same friends who were childish when I got to know them but are now more mature by the time that I see them when they're married. I guess I just have to get used to it that my friends are getting older and are now settling down. In my 20s, the questions that people usually ask is when am I getting married. That made me thinking, what would be the questions that would be asked in 10 or 20 years time? I guess it would be like this.

In the 30s - how many children do you have now?
In the 40s - where are your children studying?
In the 50s - are your children married yet?
In the 60s - how many grandchildren do you have?
In the 70s - what medicine do you take now?

Whatever it is, I just hope my friends who are already married will be happy with their partners while for those who havent, dont forget to send the invitation cards,ok? :D


  1. Talking about marriage makes me feel excited and sad at the same time. Excited while waiting for my time to come, sad when thinking about the past. But, life must go on...

    There's a saying; a lost is actually a gain.

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  2. ada org tu mkn buwok.. kantoi CCTV.. wakakaka..

  3. moharz: jgn diingat benda dah lepas.hehe

    munirah: ala...jgn la cakap..segan la..hahaha

  4. owh anda sangat bijak untuk fikirkan soalan2 tersebut.saya pun dah rasa pelik bila sorang demi sorang kawan nak berkhwin, tapi bila fikir balik, mungkin usia macam ni lah kot orang nak berkhwin.

    syafiq, awk bila pulak?


  5. noha: soalan2 camni la org tanye nnt.tnggu la reunion lagi 20 tahun ke kan...hehe.

    noha,lambat lagi :p

  6. eh btol la soklan2 tu..haha!

    adat manusia kan? huu~

    mase sekolah2 org asik tnye, exam cmane?

  7. a question that is faced by everyone, men or women, in the ages of 23 - 35.. but more focused on men la kot..