Sunday, October 4, 2009


I was listening to the radio when a caller called the radio station and she was asked few questions about Beyonce. I guess it is a competition for the Beyonce's concert later this month. One of the questions was how Beyonce affected her. Without any hesitation, she answered that she has a higher self esteem now and was not afraid of her looks. She told the dj that she has a big backside so she was cautios at first of its size. But then, when she noticed how Beyonce has a big backside too, she was not afraid of her looks anymore. Beyonce embraced her looks and accepted her size.

I have girl friends who keep on complaining of their weights and sizes when actually they are just a little bit thicker than a plywood. This obsession with model-like body makes people to suffer more, actually. You dont need to have a size 0 dress to feel confident of yourselves. It is ok to weight a little bit but not to the extend your weight hampering your effort to go on with your daily lives. I found that women who are confident of theirselves somehow help people to be at ease with them without other people even bother about their sizes. I guess it's true that the real beauty comes from the inside after all.


  1. tader "like" button eh sini. talking from experience: its an ASSet bayh-bee. :D

  2. antara orang yg berbadan kecil bukan kerana diet,tp memang sjk dulu lagi..dan org selalu salah fhm ingatkan saya diet sedangkan sayalah orang yang kuat makan.ada org nk aset besar,ada org nk aset kecil.haishh macam2 lah

  3. reen: like button xde la plak kan...but a comment is good enough.hehe

    noha: kalau camtu kene makan la xleh nak diet2 ni...kene lagi tebal dari plywood ni...hehehe

  4. punggung punya pasal... aduhh..
    seb bek gf aku punggung cam aku gak.. leper~
    shhh.. jgn btau die.. demmit!~ haha

    aku igt hares pnah ckp, the skinniest girl in ur class ckp "i da gemuk". LOL!

    cmon ladies, if a guy thinks u r a beauty, U ARE A BEAUTY. simple kan? why wud u wanna have good shape pun? for the dress? whats the dress for? the guys kan? cmon~ if he loves u, he loves you yeah yeah~

    noha: kite geng, makan byk, badan cani gak. mesti dorg jeles

    oh, lets hope beyonce wont get the beating like rihanna did, or else the concert would be canceled~

  5. haha.ok2.kita geng.ramai yg jeles dan tanya petua.mungkin kita patut ckp,makan je lah apa yg ada depan mata dan stop komplen lah pasal berat badan.