Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finger licking good.

When I heard about the death of Yasmin Ahmad, I told myself, there would be no other filmmakers who could make me feel like what Yasmin did.

I must have forgotten about Afdlin Shauki at that time.

After waiting weeks for Papadom, I watched the film today. The film won numerous awards during the 22nd Malaysian Film Festival 2009, including the best film. The film is about Saadom who becomes an overprotective father after the demise of his wife. A character in the movie Juno said that a woman becomes a mother when she is pregnant while a man becomes a father when he holds his newborn child. Well, in this movie, Saadom only becomes a real father after the death of his wife as he was too busy with his work before that. He missed many important events which eventually led to his wife's death. Ever since that, he made sure that he would be involved in every part of his daughter's life. Well, just maybe too much.

This film discusses few aspects of life on whether should one amass wealth to the extend of ignoring one's family eventhough the wealth was intended to ease the burden of the family's financial woes and also how far would a father go to make sure of his child's happiness (or safety). I guess being a father means more than giving you a present during your birthdays when during other times, he would be flying all around the world and not being by your side when you need him the most. A supportive father is what a child needs. Like in the film, Saadom was too afraid that his daughter would make mistakes and only realised later that mistakes are there to teach his daughter about life. The film shows that being a father is more than whipping the children when they did something wrong or reading the newspaper while drinking some tea. A father must have the emotion connection and being supportive of his children. I know, men are not known to be emotionally expressive but trying doesnt hurt, right?

Papadom includes the joy of laughter and the string of emotions that bond a family together and because of that, it is a must watch movie that should not be missed.


  1. sebab tu cakap lelaki jangan ambil mudah dan lepaskan pada isteri je dalam nak besarkan anak-anak..apa guna kaya,ada segala kemewahan tapi takde kasih sayang atau perhatian dari ibubapa kan?saya prefer hidup susah tapi family bersatu, masih mampu bergelak ketawa dan makan sama2 walau hanya makan nasi lauk ikan goreng dan kicap saja

  2. yela noha..remind me when im about to get married k...hehe

  3. pantang ada peluang, org pompuan mesti nak bantainyer...

    anak org miskin selalu complain bapa tak bagi kemewahan, anak org kaya pulak complain bapa yak bagi kasih life, you won't get everything