Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 Seconds of Fame.

When I was 6 years old, I was enrolled into a kindergarten near my house. Unfortunately, due to some problems with my friends at that time, I had to quit early, 2 months into my kindergarten year and spend the rest of the year staying at home. So I had no chance of graduating from my kindergarten and wearing a mortarboard. Looking at my friends' pictures when they were just kids and wearing the graduation robe and mortarboard made me promise myself that someday I would be wearing something like that too.

So after 15 years of toiling, finally I got the rights to officially wear the graduation robe and mortarboard during my convocation yesterday.

Imagine me screaming 'yeah!' when this picture was taken.Haha.

When I was in primary school, I was asked by my teacher, what do I want to be when I grow up. I answered traffic policeman. It was because I would pass by the policeman whenever I went to school so that was the first thing that came up in my mind. I guess with this robe and graduation, I wont be a policeman after all. Well, maybe I can be a teacher and holds the signboard in front of the school when the school kids want to cross the street.hehe.

4 years is not a very long time to some but when you are constantly being bogged down by assignments and stuffs, it can be a very long time. But....

when you have friends who can constantly think outside of the box and give their 100% for every assignments and presentations....

when you have friends who are willing to do some charity work just to keep you accompanied for the few days of work

when you have friends who know how to have fun while on holiday

when you have lecturers who wont let you quit so easily and always ask for the best from you

when you have a family who has been supportive of your choices all this while

those 4 years can be a very fun and fulfilling experience. Thanks to my friends and lecturers who have made my days there such a beautiful part of my life. I guess life is a journey and it starts here. So it is now about embracing the future and life while holding on dearly to those who helped you to be where you are right now.

It is not the end, it is just another beginning of a new chapter.


  1. hahahahha
    sampai sudah x blaje gak kitaorg ek?
    g2 ar...hahaha

  2. congrats Syafiq.gambar pakai baju songket tu macam orang kahwin je..haha..selamat mencari kerja..:)

  3. jom amik degree lagi skali jom. hehe.

  4. sha filan: patutnye korang la blnje aku.hehe

    munira: thanks :D

    noha: haha.tu gambar time dinner utk students TESL.blm nak kawen ye.hehe

    igniz: tunggu aku abes byr ptptn dlu.huhu

  5. salam.
    tahniah bro.
    camne rase konvo~ :)

    so.keje mane nih? :)

  6. congratssssssss!!!!!

    konvo adalah hari yang baik...

    ngegge..cantik nya jubah merah menyala woooo!! hahahhahahha

  7. taqo: thanks..belum keje lagi..rilek2 dlu skrang.hehe

    munirah: thanks!! mmg best pn aritu...merah kan?takpe2,anip konvo nnt try la jubah die ek.hehe

  8. congratulations... =)