Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friends who made it complete.

I was bored and figured that I needed to spend my time with some activities. So I asked my friends for a trip to Penang and because they're oh so obliging, we went for our trip to Penang last weekend.

On the first day, after checking in into the hotel, we went to Batu Feringhi for some Baywatch-esque activity, minus the slow mo actions.

A bad imitation of Titanic.

On the next day, we went for a sightseeing around the town of Georgetown, including the Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh Pulau Pinang,

and also Masjid Kapitan Keling.

We also went to the Toy Museum, Gurney Drive, Gurney Plaza, Fort Cornwallis and Queensbay Mall.

From left : Ijan - the most clueless guy during the trip, Haris - the newbie of the trip, guard at the Fort Cornwallis, Taufiq - the driver who likes to SMS while driving, Husin - the Kedah lad who was as clueless about Penang as we were, and last but not least, yours truly who booked the hotel and managed the financial stuffs.

Being unemployed, for the time being, is tiring. But to have friends who will jump and say yes the moment you ask them to join a vacation trip, really makes it all worthwhile.


  1. aku clueless..? cessss. jom pi tioman pasni. or perhentian.

  2. ist pic cantik mcm lukisan.btw, sy selalu nak pergi bercuti macam tu, tp ntah bila akan dibenarkan.

  3. im the driver like in the transporter movie who bring the packages safe and sound, even when messaging, hehehe....

  4. sha: maunye x sempoi...hehe

    joe: thanks... :)

    sourplum: yang berdua aritu baru kat kl sentral je,blum jumpe kat tempat2 lain lagi.hehe

    igniz: mmg pun ok.ko ranking turun!hahaha

    noha: thanks noha...cepat2 la balik msia,cuti2 msia...hehe

  5. topek: nasib baik selamat.hehe

  6. hahahahahaha.. phntian2.. aku nk trjn laut plak.. btw ejan n topek equal.. sme2 rnkng turun... hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. haris: jom2..pasni kite pegi perhentian plak..hehe

    kenwooi: thanks :)

  8. Oh TQ. U take nice pictures of Penang.

  9. bubbles: thanks..i tried to potray Penang in its best.click the pictures for a better view.