Monday, October 12, 2009

Men and despair.

A hopeless romantic.

That's what I can conclude of what I am after watching 500 Days of Summer. But the thing is, the movie is not a love story where boy meets girl and both live happily ever after, just like the trailer had forewarned.

It is a story of heartbroken. Heartbroken in a sense of being unsure of where the relationship is heading and getting the result that you have never wanted. It is a story of a boy getting heartbroken which I assume is not covered too much by other movies. The despair of a boy in love doesnt really appeal to the masses compared to the despair of a girl. When you have been through the phases of being heartbroken and faced it first hand, this movie will surely rob the feeling of sadness that has been kept all along. The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and the Science of Sleep are two good examples by the brilliant director Michel Gondry that coincide with the theme of this movie. I guess music video directors like Marc Webb and Michel Gondry can really make good feature film that is true to their style of directing.

You will cringe, you will laugh, you will smile. But most of all, you will feel the despair of a heartbroken boy bouncing from an uncertain love.


  1. nanged ya post... and clicked ya ads... ^^
    this movie seems interesting...

  2. haha.patutlah komen pasal 500 days of summer.baru lepas tengok ke?:p.yeahh.the heartbroken tp last2 jumpa juga orang baru.

  3. kennee: yes,it is...go and watch it :D

    noha: hehe.baru tgk je mlm gile..kat nz ade kot..try la tgk..hheehe

  4. dah tengok lama dh.before kuar kat malaysia lagi.:p

  5. yeah... i meet u b4...celgames... not sure whether u remember me ornot... XD

    I'm Kenn from [ToRn@d0]FIFA clan...

  6. kenn: thats y u look so familliar..nice to meet u! :)

  7. after watching this movie, tiba2 jatuh cinta dengan the smiths. ha ha. assalamualaikum ijan's friend. :)