Thursday, April 23, 2009

Winning and losing.

I've been a fan of arts and performing arts for years. I've been involved in plays and theaters from my school days to my university days. I even wrote scripts for my theater group and acted in few of them. So yesterday I was involved in a drama competition for schools and I was the guru pengiring for my school. For the drama competition, we went to SMK Taman Melawati. We were also involved in a choir competition at SMK Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh on the same day.

The choir team before getting into the hall.

After that, we quickly went to SMK Taman Melawati for the drama competition.

The main character in our drama team.

We won the drama competition but lost the choir competition. So congrats to the drama team in making it to the state level.

The team celebrating when they were announced the winners.

But the best thing is,I got to meet with my friends and made like a small gathering after not meeting for 2 months.(2 months only, as if 20 years right?hehe)

My drama group at the university.

From left : Ijan, me, Topek, Boo.

We won the drama competition but lost the choir competition.

But I think I got the best prize not from the competition, but being able to regroup with my friends.


  1. at least ko mng.... kud nye kalah haha.... same dgn ko gak wat skrip sendiri

  2. aku langsung xde chance nak wat cite sendiri...masuk2 je da ada pelakon n citer..huhuhuhu....
    nape xupload yg candid punye gambar, pik?ni nampak formal sgt laaa..