Sunday, April 5, 2009

Of ppsmi and having fun.

I have always tried to make learning fun. I know how it feels like to be reading all the facts from the book yet was not taught the real application for it. So I was a bit glad that our form 2 students had fun last Saturday when a English for Teaching of Science and Maths (ETeMS) camp was held for them. ETeMS, which is also known as PPSMI in Malay, is something that is supported and equally opposed by many Malaysians for their own opinions and stand. But last Saturday, what I saw was that the students had fun, and that is all that matters. The teachers of SMK Seri Garing had organized many activities for the students to participate and from their responses, it was quite successful. I only helped with the treasure hunt and the programme book, so the credit goes to the other teachers who helped alot.

All the pictures are taken using Pentax FA 50 1.4

We had experiments...

and guessing pictures...

this is the picture of the boy who's going to break alot of girl's heart when he's grown up...he's a son of a teacher at the school...he's so cute la...

Hey, I like to watch Ben 10 too :p


  1. aku pun akan terlibat ngan ppsmi bkn kem la..kelas tambahan kot...huhuhu..

  2. kem tu nmpk mcm best jer...
    skola ak mcm xde je bwat benda2 mcm tu... skola kg... budak2 x tawu bhs inggeris sgt pon

  3. minggu ni aku ade yg untuk form 1 plak...penat2...huhuhu

  4. have i ever said im proud of you? well i am! :)

    asal la ade traffic feed ni, kantoi je sy dtg cni and i cant leave without saying anything. psh. :P