Sunday, April 26, 2009

The day that it was.

It was Saturday. But it wasnt just like any other Saturday. It was the day that yours truly was born 23 years ago.

The night before Boo and I went to One Utama and watched Mall Cop. The sound system at GSC that night was really horrendous. Fortunately, the movie was still ok. The review that gave that movie 3 out of 5 stars really justified itself. Then we went to Uptown and ate at Yazid's Steak House. I ordered Sizzling BBQ though I still think that their chicken chop is better. Well, RM8 for a chicken chop, it was really worth it.

The plate when I had done eating.hehe.

So the next day, which was yesterday, I was involved with a choral speaking competition for the Gombak district. My school is the organizer for the competition though we had to change the venue to SAMER for reasons that cant be avoided.

My school won 2nd place while the 1st place went to SMK Hulu Klang. I really think that these two winners really deserve their prizes. The teachers who trained my school's team were excited when the team won 2nd prize. Well, after training them for almost two months, they better be.hehe.This was somehow my birthday present la...hehe

After that event, still tired with all the runnings and organizing, I drove to Seremban and had a nice dinner with my family at Johnny's.

and had my favourite cake, cheesecake oreo from Secret Recipe :D

Whatever presents that you could have, being with your family is the most priceless that you could ever asked for. :)

p/s:thanks for those who wished me...for those who dont,I want a double next year.hehe


  1. Happy birthday dude! Nanti belanja aku makan subway, k?

  2. *(**ihnvs*%^ykuiyu@$%#$^%!!!!! ahh...ko la blanje aku..xde2...

  3. sapik.suh akak ko jual tudung syria leh? :)

  4. "being with your family is the most priceless that you could ever asked for"

    oh sure, rub it in. :P

  5. Eyh... reen pun ade sini.

    HAPPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SYAFIQ!... If my memory serves me rite... its April 25th kan? :p

  6. yes emi..thanks for the (late) wish ;p