Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting older.

I have a friend, let's give him a name, Aiman (not real name). Not Aiman tak kesah ok... So we have been friends since we were small, small kids. He is one year younger than me, and his brother who is one year older than him, is a friend of mine too. We used to play together in front of our houses as they are my neighbours, even till now. When we played, we would play something that at the end would most probably hurt ourselves. He threw a rock, I would try to throw even more. He took my things, I would try to take more of his things too. He was very rough and really liked to bully other people.

But not anymore.

He is now a grown man, and has become more matured and knows how to deal with people.

And he is getting engaged this weekend.

I just came from his house for a small kenduri doa selamat. I just hope that he will be happy with his loved ones. Though he is a bit young, he really feels that his time has come to take his relationship to the next level.

I just hope when my time comes, I will be ready by then. Mentally, physically....and financially?


  1. haha... ok la tue... niat dah ade dah... lalala~

  2. kalau ko tunang or kawin nanti, jadikan Subway sebagai hidangan utama untuk tetamu, k?konpem aku dtg..hahaha.

  3. Whattt!!! He is getting married already? How about his brother? Has he gotten married too?

  4. no emi,his brother aka your ex hasnt gotten married yet...

  5. owh.. u dont need to mention that detail syafiq.. hahaha...