Friday, April 10, 2009

How vulgar can you be?

We are often misunderstood and we often misunderstand. That is something that is common for us, human beings. That is why people go to wars, they are not understood. Even the simplest word can mean alot of things. That is why, make sure before you say anything, recheck that it is correct.

It was supposed to be Kotex, with an X,not K. So for those who understand what it means, lets have a loud laugh with me...


They have this programme for the girl students. I dont know what it was, a motivation thingy where you learn how to dispose them properly, I guess? They invited Azah 3R and Dina OIAM to my school for the programme.

At least I got to take a picture with Azah 3R. Yes, I was wearing a batik, it was Thursday, we are supposed to wear batik every Thursday. Dont I look like a YB? Now, call me YB Syafiq.Hehe.


  1. pakcik ni mmg lawookkk la.. :P

  2. damn... u r the one most lucky person la.... x adil la skola ko ade mcm2 aktiviti.... hahahha

  3. wow look at you! dh jadi warga pendidik dah.. i'm smiling proudly. jangan wat scandal dgn anak murid ok. hehe

  4. kotek....muka gatal giler.

  5. semalam azah n d geng dtg skolah sunthing like ceramah kat aku tak masuk dgr skali coz terbuka utk pompuan je aku ada terdgr(ngajar kat kelas sebelah dewan)...diorg cite pasal period..XD

  6. haha.
    i pernah terpronounce kotex as kotek ok.
    mase tu dalam watson.
    gila malu.

  7. adian: xla,xde scandal dgn murid,dorang belum 18.hahaha

    ebb: tu blum wat muke gatal lagi tau..hahaha

    igniz: samela kot macam skolah aku..

    hanna: i will make sure i wont do that.hehe

  8. hensem la pakcik nie... leh kenal?? lalala~