Sunday, April 19, 2009

I shoot models now.

Well, not exactly models, but mannequin wearing clothes. It is for my sister’s online boutique. She sells hijab / tudung for Muslim women who want to look trendy yet adhering to the rules of aurat. The quality of the tudung is certainly of high grade so rest assure that people who buy it will certainly get the value from their money. Have a look at her website here.

Samples of my shot.

Maybe I should have asked her to smile more or roar like a tiger, shouldnt I?


  1. muslim barbie doll la pulak aku tgkXD

  2. nie tudung sape lak?? wardina?? ekin??

  3. erm erm erm, kakak awk post ke oversea tak. urm hadiah bday plis? plis?;)

  4. die post oversea...dah pernah post kat UK pun...klo nak hadiah bday tu xtau la..hehe

  5. Looks cam kepala terapung... seramm...!

    ( * Ok.. im so demn bored tonight and I am reading ur blog from the top - bottom and im leaving comments in each post )