Friday, May 22, 2009

A few firsts.

I just got my Manchester United ticket!

Im so happy,grinning from ear to ear. I bought it at the Nike outlet at Midvalley today. I was paying the ticket when the personnel at the counter suddenly gave me a receipt with 'training pass' written on it. When i asked for the training pass, he said come next week with the receipt.WTF??? He said the training pass for the RM98 is out of stock for that day.WTF???He said only training pass for rm58 and rm68 are available at that moment.WTF???They are the same training pass, why must you put quota for the training pass for rm98 tickets and training pass for rm58 tickets?How come they have rm98 tickets and selling them,but dont have enough training passes?So stupid la that shop.I felt like strangling him.This is my first time watching MU live in Malaysia so they better give me the training pass next week or i will run amok at the tiny shop.

So after that i went home by the notoriously late train from Midvalley. I was waiting for the Komuter when suddenly something big, shiny and loud came.

It was the shuttle train by KTM.

I was really surprised that i hesitated to get into the train.

They use the old train,and use it as a shuttle train to take passengers at selected stops. Inside of the train, it was really nice and refurbished wholly.

They even have the thing where you can put your foods and drinks.So nice...

It was my first time travelling using the new shuttle service and i can say that im really satisfied with it.

So the moral of the day is...

Something as new as the shop at the Midvalley can give you a very crappy service.

While something as old as the shuttle train can still give you a very good service.

So dont judge a noisy train by its noise.


  1. you are forgetful! :P

    we did traveled on this old train before, the whole family. to penang. remember?

  2. It was my first time travelling using the new shuttle service

    of course la remember...

  3. at the same time ..promote ktm.

    banggela tuh dah ade ticket.

  4. sarah:dah dorang bagus,kene la puji,xkan nak kutuk je...ehehe

  5. I feel more comments *sulking* hahah