Sunday, May 10, 2009

Let the whole world know.

When I was a small kid, around 8-9 years old, my younger sister and I used to follow my dad whenever he went to fetch my mom at the hospital after she had finished her work. My sister and I would hide at the back of the seat and would try to surprise my mom as she entered the car. We would do that so many times but my mom would still act surprised eventhough she already knew that we were at the back of the seat. Sometimes we would wait longer, and she would pretend asking my dad whether we followed him to the hospital that day. We giggled thinking that we had fooled my mom into believing that we were not in the car before we would go and try to surprise her, again.

I used to have toys when I was a small kid.A lot of them. Many of them were discarded as I grew older. But there is this one toy car that I can still remember till now. It is not something that can turn into a Transformers or anything. I remember it because I didnt even ask for it.
I was watching TV when my mom came home and called me. I went upstairs and suddenly she gave me a box. It was the size of a shoe box. I opened it and I found a toy car! I inserted the batteries and would watch it moving around with the flash on top of it blinking. Surely, the car was not something special physically, but the fact that I didnt ask for a toy and was given a toy as a surprise eventhough it wasnt my birthday, it really made me remember that particular car. Until now, I can still remember running up the stairs and smiling when I saw the box.

And I wrote about my experience here in the NST,Berita Harian and Metro, in the 1klassified section, as a dedication to my mother for the whole Malaysia to know how much I love her.


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  2. and you are the best brother that any sister can ever ask for. :D