Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun day,it was.

I havent been to the National Zoo for more than 15 years,i think.It was such a long time ago that i went there and really took the time to look at the animals. But today, I went there and I felt like a school kid, again.

My family and i went there as my younger sister is doing her Zoology practical there. So it was a case of killing two birds with one stone. No animal pun intended. We walked around the zoo and it was really tiring. But at least i got to see alot of animals and take their pictures. Some of the animals are...

A kangaroo-like animal,but not a kangaroo,but in the kangaroo family.i dont know its name.

This one is a macaque. I think.

A sad looking ungka.I think its name is ungka.I dont know its English name.

And a seladang.

There were many other animals there but of course la i cant possibly be posting all the pictures here.

It was such a great experience.

To be able to relive that moment when you went to the zoo for the first time.

I had fun today.

And i think my mom and dad had fun too.


  1. comelnya your parents.. =')

    eh. or is that u and your gf..? hehe.

  2. Mana gambar nana belakang sangkar??

  3. adian:thanks...

    nadjighah:no la,thats my parents la...

    ebb: nana time tu dah kuar sangkar,dah petang pun..

  4. pik, Muse da namakan album baru diorg...'The Resistance'...hehhehheh...

  5. kawan kau nk gambar dugong.
    hahaha :D
    aku nk tgk duyung.

  6. I LOVE the zoo!!! =D =D Did you see penguins?? Oh, I love penguins. I wish we had dolphins too.