Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A tip for Arsenal fans.

So, Arsenal lost last night's Champion's League game to Manchester United. Indeed, that made me happy while many Arsenal fans will not dare to show their face for now. Surely, Arsenal fans will hear remarks like this,

“(Insert the Arsenal fan’s name here), your team lost last night right? Beaten 3-1 right?”

So what should you do when you hear a remark like that? Simple. Here is the tip.

Turn your face away from him, push your nose upwards and pull your eyes downwards and turn to him again and say,

“No, I’m not (Insert the Arsenal fan’s name here), you got the wrong guy.”

And walk away from there.

Simple right?


  1. suh topek buat..hahahahaha...XD

  2. wahh... hebat giler tips nie...

  3. aku tgk kat umah je ari tu piq. mamak penuh beb kat s.alam..

    ko rase penyokong arsenal yg tgk kat mamak balik awal ke ha? =)

  4. mesti balik awal la..sape berani nak tgk lame2 team die kalah...haha

  5. ceh ni idea aku suh buat kat topek ni