Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day to you too.

My lecturer asked my friends and I during a class, who wants to be a teacher after finishing this degree. Only a handful said yes,and I was one of them.

Nobody really knows the reason that i wanted to be a teacher. Obviously,its not about the pay, not the popularity or power. Or else,I would have wanted to be a notorious gang leader or something.

It is about someone who i really admired when i was in school. She is my English teacher,Miss Umi Kelsom. She wears a long hijab to school that you would mistake her for an ustazah.But dont mistake that with her personality,because i can affirm you that she is loud,real loud. She wasnt the type who would let you go off the hook easily. I already had a fair share of her whacking. And it wasnt very pleasant.hehe.

Ive been her student ever since i was in form 1 till form 5.Just imagine that,how many can claim that they have the same English teacher for 5 years? I have and im thankful for that.She was not married yet when she started to teach me so we used to call her Miss Umi but even when she got married,i would still call her Miss Umi and not Puan Umi or anything.I have no idea whether it flattered her but in a way,i think it did.hehe.Its not that i want to brag or perasan or anything, but i think that im one of her best student since that she would keep on choosing the class that i was in.LOL.

I was not the best student in school with a perfect discipline record. I was even suspended from school twice that other teachers kept on having this negative perception about me. But not her, not Miss Umi. She believed in me and never bothered about my bad record with the discipline department.She trusted in me and believed that i could be someone better if given the chance.This trust that she had given me made me to think, that i can help someone else to succeed if i just trust in him, give him the opportunity and not judging him when everyone else are condemning him,just like what she did for me.

And that is the reason why i wanted to be a teacher. So, Happy Teacher's Day to you too, Miss Umi.


  1. jadi cikgu pun boleh kaya woo..aku ada terjumpa satu cikgu yg naik mercedes...income around 20-30 thousands a month...
    rahsia?dia buat bisness jual product bio-aura...heh heh..dia ajak aku join..tapi seperti ko (carik geng), aku bukan mata duitan..aku lagi prefer buat something yg aku enjoy walaupun gaji xseberapa..wahwahXD

    kalau dia promote kat topek, maybe lain jadinye kot..hakhakhakXD

  2. ni ckgu stj nih
    ko x admire ms helen ke

  3. teachers can inspire people beyond their lifetime.
    hope u'll be a great teacher. :P

  4. oo sbb tu kau nk jadi cikgu.

    good good.

    jgn tgk underwear budak pomp tau.

  5. i know ur dark side when u are in school..

  6. igniz: blh2...nnt aku promote kat topek...kite xnk kaye,kan2?heheh

    sourplum:ish,xnk la..hehe

    the unknown:thanks so much..

    sarah:ko gile ape,aku baik ok...ahahha

    bubi gile:ape sewel la ko ni...

  7. hehehe jambu miss umi tak hengat punye. ey miss helen best ape! :P

    somehow i know you'd be a great teacher, i do. happy belated teacher's day.

  8. tetiba terfikir knapa sy pilih untuk jd guru juga..dan rsnya jwpnnya sm mcm awk,sbb pengaruh cikgu dulu..bknlah dia suruh jadi cikgu,tp sbb dia sgt baik dan prcy,so nak jd mcm dia.well,all the best